Disney Plus: What You Need to Know About Disney’s Streaming Service

By Gabriela Vatu / November 12, 2018

It was a long time coming, but the Walt Disney Company finally announced its streaming platform is called Disney Plus and it's scheduled to launch in the United States in late 2019.

For many months now, there have been numerous discussions about this platform, so it was expected that a launch date would fall a lot earlier than the end of 2019, but we guess they want everything to be perfect. Disney's chairman and CEO, Bob Iger, said that Disney Plus is the company's biggest priority for next year, so you can bet they're coming on the scenes, guns blazing.

While having yet another streaming service, especially one that's focused on a single production company, is slowly starting to drive us crazy, we can't help but feel somewhat excited about the announcement. So, let's see what we know so far.

Platform Name

After many months of speculations, mainly due to Iger referencing it as "Disney Play" in several interviews, they settled on Disney+. Along with the name, the company also revealed the logo, so it's finally set in stone.

Just a few months back, ESPN, which is part of Walt Disney, got a streaming platform of its own called ESPN+, so we see a trend here.

What Content to Expect?

First and foremost, Disney has been around since the 1920s, so there's plenty of content they could make available in there, including old cartoons, animation films, and more. Some experts approximated that about 7,000 episodes and some 400 to 500 movies could end up on Disney Plus at launch.

But the more exciting details of this platform come from more recent additions, like the Marvel universe, Star Wars, or Pixar. Not only that, but Disney is working on developing even more content. What exactly, you ask? Well, a show featuring Tom Hiddleston's Loki was confirmed just recently, while Scarlet Witch, another Marvel hero, is also getting some screen time. Another Marvel series features Winter Soldier and Falcon.

A Star Wars series is also in the works, they announced, called The Mandalorian features Diego Luna, who played Cassian Andor in recent Star War movies. Plus, another season of Star Wars: The Clone War is also filming.

According to the press release, Disney is also working on new movies and series placed in the worlds of Monster Inc, High School Musical, and more. Plus, Disney is always working on new movies. Just a few of the upcoming titles are Frozen 2, Captain Marvel, and Toy Story, as well as Star Wars: Episode IX.

Disney announced a while back that it will pull its content from the likes of Netflix, so you should expect to only find their content on their official platform as soon as it launches. Some content may still remain on other platforms, though, such as Marvel series like the ones Netflix has created in the past few years.

How Much Will It Cost?

While there's no official word on the price yet, the expectation is that access to Disney Plus will cost less than Netflix does. With Netflix subscriptions between $8 and $14, we might see the same pricing as we do on ESPN+, which is $5 per month. Then again, Disney is a far more valuable brand, so we might see subscription costing a few more bucks, especially given the quality of the content you'd get access.

DC Universe, for instance, costs $7.99 per month. CBS All Access, which also features content from a single network, costs $5.99 with ads, and $9.99 without ads.

When It Will Launch?

According to the latest announcement, launch day will be in "late 2019" which means that we're likely to see the new Disney Plus anywhere from September to Christmas Day.

So, are you excited about the new Disney Plus? Do you think there's enough room on the market for another streaming platform? Let us know in the comments section below, and please share the article online. Come chat with us on TechNadu's Facebook and Twitter pages.

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