Disney+ Streaming Service Will Include Complete Disney Movie Library

By Nitish Singh / March 8, 2019

Disney is setting its sights on the streaming market and industry behemoths like Netflix and Amazon Prime are going to have serious competition soon. The upcoming Disney+ service is set to include “the entire Disney motion picture library" which not only includes the company’s self-produced movies but also titles it acquired over the years. The announcement was made by the company's CEO Bob Iger at an investor’s meeting in St. Louis.

All new Disney movies will also make it to the service within a year of launch according to the CEO which means that you can catch up on all of the Marvel movies including the upcoming titles like Avengers: Endgame in about a year. Iger did not reveal a release date for the upcoming service just yet, and all we know is that it should come out sometime later this year. There is no official word on pricing either, but we expect it to be priced similar to Netflix’s plans or lower.

The streaming service by Disney will also offer original programming and not just rely on its older content to woo the audience. This is the first time the company’s movies will be available to everyone for a flat fee. The studio has always maintained a “vault” system that occasionally discounts select movies produced under the brand from time to time which is far more expensive compared to paying a flat monthly fee for unlimited access. The company has also teased some original content which includes a Star Wars show titled “The Mandalorian” which should be available during the launch of the service and we can expect other shows to be ready for streaming by the end of this year as well.

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