Developers Can Now Use Android Jetpack To Accelerate App Development

By Goran Spasojevic / May 10, 2018

After creating the Support Library and introducing the Architecture Components, Google is bringing another set of tool that the Android app developers can use in their everyday work. Android Jetpack is a set of components, tools, and guidance specifically created for developers to make great Android applications. It takes the current Support Library and Architecture Components and divides it into four categories: Architecture, UI, Behavior, and Foundation.

Each component is provided as the "unbundled" library which means that the developer can incorporate newest Android Jetpack functionality into the app and deploy it to the Play Store during a single day. These components are also backward compatible so it doesn't matter on which version of the platform you are applying them. They are also built on modern design practices like separation of concerns and testability but also on productivity features like Kotlin integration.

Android Jetpack Four Categories

Image Courtesy Of Google

According to the Android Developers Blog, Android Jetpack comes with five new components. Here's a breakdown of the new app development tool.

To get started with Android Jetpack, the developers have everything they need at the official page of this library. There is also a dedicated YouTube playlist for all the relevant information about the library, components, tools, etc.

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