These are the Hottest Deep Web Jobs Right Now

By Sydney Butler / February 14, 2019

The world of work sure is changing rapidly. These days you have well-paying jobs doing marketing on social media or teaching robots how to learn stuff. Jobs that may not have existed just ten years ago are now as hot as the technologies they are connected to.

What's more, people are working in new and interesting ways. It seems the days of a 9-5 desk job may be numbered. "Digital Nomads" can set up shop anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop, making money doing all sorts of things as needed.

When it comes to the Deep Web, well, things are no different! Sites that provide services on the hidden web need people with skills to create and maintain them. Which means that plenty of tech-savvy people are being enticed to work for some (potentially lucrative) Deep Web organizations. So, what sorts of jobs are actually being offered?

Visual Design Professionals

Graphics Artist

If you've visited any Deep Web sites over the last ten years you'll have noticed that they aren't exactly pretty. Most of these sites are put up by people with very limited resources. In fact, they may even have been on servers secretly, without permission or payment!

So bare bones, ugly websites have become the face of the Deep Web. However, now that some sites have found ways to make money, they can afford to spruce up the place a bit. So people with web design skills, graphic artists and video specialists can all pull up a chair and start looking for openings in a secretive but exciting market.

Search Engine Specialists

Mass Code

This is sort of an ironic one when you think about it. Deep Web content and especially Dark Web content are special because they don't get indexed by search engines in the first place.

The problem is that plenty of Darknet sites are getting too big and complex to navigate. Darknet markets, in particular, may have thousands and thousands of products. Clearnet sites who can't come up with their own internal search solution can always piggyback on Google's search function, limited to their own site.

That's not an option for people running a site on the Dark Web, so they need the help of search algorithm experts to help users find the products or content they are looking for.

We're also seeing the rise of Deep Web search engines, which means that if you want people to find your site, there has to be some form of SEO. Of course, that's a newly emerging field since no one quite knows what Dark Web SEO will look like.

Marketing Pros


With pioneering Darknet markets such as the Silk Road, there wasn't anything like traditional advertising. Word of mouth carried the site at first and then when the mainstream media covered it for its controversial products, the site really blew up. Silk Road basically had to make up the marketing strategy for a new type of market such as itself. It was very successful financially, but it was a lightning strike. Now, Darknet markets have to figure out what marketing will look like in the future. That includes using clearnet sites such as YouTube to make people aware of your site, without running afoul of any policies or laws. Marketing also includes having some sort of PR and professional face for the media. Quite a challenge for conventional marketing professionals.

Coding Gurus


The Dark Web is well known as the place where hackers of all types hang out. So you would think that finding coders wouldn't be hard. However, the truth is that the sort of coding skills you need to build and maintain a website is not quite the hacker toolset.

Instead, you need people who know how to build secure, stable and practical software. Indeed, programming for the Dark Web may pose some unique challenges that working for more mainstream sites simply don't have. Which means coders who may be having a hard time getting work in the mainstream, could be primed to make big bucks designing operational and security software for Darknet sites. Heck, even competent web-coding specialists are in demand.

The Legal Angle

Now, you knew this was going to come up. Obviously some businesses on the Dark Web (as part of the Deep Web) trade in goods and services which aren't legal. So that implies you may be breaking the law by working for them. Whether this is actually true for you will depend on where in the world you live and how the law feels about it. Does making a poster for a site that sells illicit items constitute a crime? Common sense says no, but the law often doesn't align with common sense.

In general however, you should know that nothing about the Deep and Dark Webs is illegal by default. Accessing these sites and reading them isn't a crime. However, being in any way associated with some of these sites, legal or not, could be a bad thing for anyone who takes up such work. Which would make being anonymous a top priority.

Where are the Jobs?

So if someone were to, say, be in the market for work on the Deep Web, where would you go? Obviously, these sites will advertise their need for help on their own domain. Perhaps in the community forum. So anyone who is angling to pick up some business in the Deep Web will have to lurk around, looking for opportunities.

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