‘Constantinople’ Upgrade for Ethereum Delayed Citing Security Concerns

Written by Nitish Singh
Published on January 16, 2019

The highly anticipated ‘Constantinople’ update that was set to release for popular cryptocurrency Ethereum has been delayed. Ethereum is known of its consistent updates that are released, but it had to halt the major update after security audit company ChainSecurity reported a critical vulnerability on January 15.

The Constantinople update was designed to offer a better network experience and make transactions more efficient. It would also pave the way for additional upgrades, such as hard forks later this year. The platform will be switching to a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm by the end of 2019.

Details about the Reentrancy Attack bug have been detailed by the security company, and Ethereum is working on patching all security issues before releasing the update. We have no word on when the update will be released as a new release date has not been provided from any of the official sources.

Ethereum developer Hudson Jameson revealed: "Because the risk is non-zero and the amount of time required to determine the risk with confidence is longer the amount of time available before the planned Constantinople upgrade, a decision was reached to postpone the fork out of an abundance of caution.

Even though none of the Ethereum Smart Contracts were vulnerable to the attack, the cryptocurrency company chose to hold off on the update to ensure proper precautions are taken. Ethereum owners need not be worried about anything, and there is no user action required. The Constantinople update has been halted twice now with the initial release in November not going as planned due to bugs, forcing Ethereum to halt the update.

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