Cloudflare’s World’s Fastest DNS Resolver is now on Mobile

By Nitish Singh / November 12, 2018

Earlier this year, Cloudflare introduced its privacy-focused DNS resolver ( in April. The company has now brought the service to the convenient of users’ mobile devices with the new app for Android and iOS platforms. The app offers a one-touch setup option as soon as you launch the app and runs in the background to secure your browsing data.

The new app serves as a basic DNS switcher and allows users to route their phone traffic through Cloudflare’s own free DNS service at the tap of a button. It works exactly like any other VPN app, and it makes it difficult for any ISP to track online user activity.

The app requires no per-site configuration, and you will be able to access blocked access by simply enabling the DNS resolver. Cloudflare claims that the app is capable of speeding up your web browsing experience as well by up to 28%. The company’s new offering is a viable option to keep your ISP from tracking your activity and get access to blocked websites. If you want more than just a quick means of bypassing blocks set by your ISP, you should consider using a VPN service as well.

Cloudflare promises that no one can snoop in on your DNS queries, which is quite relevant to any privacy-minded user as there are ISPs that collect DNS queries from their customers and sell the data. Cloudflare stated that they will not sell your data or use it for any kind of targeted advertisements.

The app will not have any in-app purchases and is completely free forever. The service makes its revenue from website owners who pay the service to keep the internet faster using Cloudflare’s DNS, and there are no costs that need to be paid by users.

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