Cloudflare Opens Up Warp VPN Access to Everybody

By Bill Toulas / September 25, 2019

After beta-testing the Warp VPN service since April, Cloudflare decided that the product is ready to hit the masses. The particular VPN (Virtual Private Network) service uses the internet giant’s servers to route the users’ internet traffic, hiding the original IP address and promising amazing performance at all times. All this will be provided for free, for the "standard" Warp VPN users. For the “fast-lane” Warp+, Cloudflare pledges a 30% improvement in website-loading performance compared to standard solutions, and this is mainly attributed to the DNS service that can serve as a boosting basis. The Warp+, however, will set you back €4 per month.

The privacy-focused DNS resolver hit the mobile market back in 2018, in the form of an Android and iOS app. Warp and Warp+ will be added as options inside the same app now, so if you want to enable VPN browsing on your phone, you’ll have to download Cloudflare’s DNS app. In the app, you’ll find two independent toggles, one for the DNS and one for the Warp VPN. The latter informs the user that it collects the minimum amount of data that is required for a seamless experience, and clarifies that none of this data is sold, rented, or shared with third parties.

Once the app is installed and set up, a registration ID will be automatically assigned to the user, so there is no need to register. The “basic” Warp users will enjoy free VPN services without traffic restrictions. The paid Warp+ users will enjoy a curated connections service that helps avoid traffic jams, while actively routing data through the fastest routes. For the best possible experience, Cloudflare suggests the activation of their DNS service, but this is left to the discretion of the user. Besides toggling the services on and off, you may set pausing options, concerning time periods, WiFi connections, of “AFK” events.

What is not there in terms of options is the ability to select regions and specific servers. That said, this free VPN tool is meant to help you browse the internet anonymously, not to enable you to lift specific restrictions or to access certain content. All that said, the first reports on its performance are confirming Cloudflare’s promises on speed. However, as more users will join in, the situation may get a bit clunky on that part. We’ll wait for a couple of days until the userbase is populated and we will report on this through a detailed review, so stay tuned.

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