Cloudflare Access: a BeyondCorp Type of Software for non-Google Employees

Written by Thoinot Arbeau
Last updated August 9, 2021

The big companies have been using the traditional security premise: inside connections are trusted, outside connections are not. Whether they are using the firewall, a VPN or gateway is not important when the security is breached. When this happens, the attackers are able to immediately access all data that you tried to protect. Cloudflare Access should put an end to this type of problem.

How Does Cloudflare Access Work?

Several years ago, Google came up with a solution. Their idea was to solve the security problem. Furthermore, they wanted their workers not to be physically present in the office. They came up with BeyondCorp, software which basically put the wall in front of the devices and users. This means that all the services, as well as resources, could be accessed from the Internet, but the users had to go through a thorough authentication process.

Cloudflare's Access is aiming at bringing this type of technology to everyone. They will cooperate with Google Auth, Okta and other authentication providing companies. Moreover, they will also make encryption and access control possible on several platforms at once, even GCS and AWS. Both GCS and AWS made it to our list of the best paid cloud storages - check out the other three. Speaking of AWS, Amazon came up with the similar idea - but only for users of their cloud platforms.

Makers of Access state that there will not be any kind of slowing down. They already have servers everywhere, as they also provide DDoS protection and CDN services. This means that no alternative and long routes have to be taken.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, Cloudfare Access should do just what VPN does. What makes it better, however, is the fact that everything will go much faster than with VPN. Furthermore, the data from companies will now be safe and sound on the cloud services, instead of being imprisoned on internal servers.

Will Cloudframe Access be able to keep up with the promises? Check out their website and try it out for free. After the free trial, you will have to pay $3 per employee on a monthly basis.

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