CBS All Access Will Get More Shows, Movies, and Live Events

  • CBS All Access is getting more content from sister channels.
  • You’ll get to watch shows from BET and Comedy Central.
  • Paramount movies are already pouring in on CBS All Access.

As the competition among streaming services grows by the day, CBS All Access is set to get a revamp, adding in more content from beyond the CBS network.

ViacomCBS wants to make sure that CBS All Access is a successful platform. The plans seem to have been somewhat hindered by the fact that the platform only streamed CBS materials and a few original shows, which is far less than what other competitors are putting out. Therefore, they’re now planning to add more content from BET, Comedy Central, and Paramount, which are all part of ViacomCBS.

It seems they’re also aiming to add live material like news or sports. While the biggest changes are expected to be deployed over the summer, they’re already bringing in more content, such as over one hundred movies from Paramount, like the Godfather movies, or An Inconvenient Truth.

The move makes perfect sense because users are constantly asking themselves whether or not it’s worth paying for a ton of services just for a relatively limited library.

HBO Max, for instance, will be adding a lot more content beyond regular HBO shows and movies fresh out of the cinemas, while Peacock is going to help NBCUniversal get a foot in the streaming race. With Hulu being paired together with Disney+ and Walt Disney content, as well as getting its hands on a ton of shows from numerous US networks, Netflix is left a bit behind in terms of the content it can offer. Nonetheless, Netflix remains a strong contender, and platforms like CBS All Access will continue to work as a way to complement what they have to offer.


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