Can You Charge iPhone 13 with Old Charger? – YES, But There’s a Catch!

Apple’s 2021 lineup of iPhones did bring many improvements. However, Apple has also decided to pursue certain strategies that were set last year. Yes, we’re talking about the way you charge your iPhone’s battery. Since the latest iPhones don’t come with a charger in the box, the question is – can you charge the iPhone with an old charger?

The answer is – yes, but the situation isn’t that black-and-white. To see what we mean, keep on reading this short (but helpful) article. 


You can expect plenty of news today regarding the freshly released iPhones. With that said, make sure to check our coverage of the iPhone 13 event, focusing on what truly matters.  

What Charger Do I Need for the iPhone 13? 

Like last year’s iPhone, the iPhone 13 doesn’t come with a charger. Therefore, your old charger (if you have Apple’s 20W charger) will do the trick this year as well. 

Since Apple’s fast-charging adapters are around $20, it’s worth investing in the latest available charger, especially if you care about the speed your smartphone charges. However, even if your budget doesn’t allow for a new charger, your old one will work just fine. 

Can an Old Charger Be Used with the iPhone 13?

In general, yes. However, the current iPhone generation supports fast charging up to 20W, so you can be in a problem if you have a very old charger. 

By very old – we mean a charger that supports up to 5W charging, which used to come with several-year-old iPhones. So, if you haven’t upgraded your charger during the last three or four years, now’s a good time. 


If you want to future-proof your investment, we highly recommend checking out Apple’s MagSafe charger (priced at $39.00 and often discounted). That charger works with any iPhone that supports wireless charging and should last you for a long time. Of course, to fully utilize it, make sure to have Apple’s 20W charging adapter (priced at $19.00). 

So, do you plan on using your old charger for the iPhone 13, or will you buy a new one? Let us know via the comments section below. And lastly, thanks for reading!



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