Can I Log Into the Paramount Network App With My Paramount+ Credentials?

Paramount Plus has been around for a little while, and given the name similarities, folks are wondering if they can log into Paramount Network with the Paramount Plus credentials, so let’s go find out.

One thing we have to note before we dive into this is that even if Paramount Plus bears the Paramount name, it doesn’t include Paramount Network shows, save for a few of them. It certainly does not feature Paramount Network as a standalone network that you can click on, which happens with CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, Smithsonian Channel, and Nickelodeon.

However, shows like Ink Master do show up on the service, especially as Paramount Plus plans to revive the tattooing competition.

Logging in to Paramount Network so you can stream the shows from its own website, however, is not something that works. In order to log in to watch Paramount Network shows on their website, you need to have credentials from a TV provider. You can use a cable company, as well as live TV platforms like YouTube TV or fuboTV. One more thing, Paramount Plus credentials won’t work on the Paramount Network app.

This is a bummer, especially considering how most shows from Paramount Network are missing. Of course, we should probably add that using the Paramount Plus credentials doesn’t work to log in to other network websites either, including CBS or MTV.

Therefore, the only way to log into these websites is by using a cable company’s credentials or those from a live TV service – or trying out their 24-hour free pass.



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