Cambridge Analytica Yet To Delete Facebook User Data

By Nitish Singh / March 30, 2018

Weeks ago, the world came to light about how Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firm, got ahold of user data pertaining to around 50 million Facebook users. Back in 2014, Aleksandr Kogan, a researcher from Cambridge University, collected all this information through his “thisisyourdigitallife” application. Later on, he sold this data to Cambridge Analytica who claims to have deleted it back in 2015.

However, according to Channel 4 reports, a cache of data dating back to the 2014 survey results collected by Kogan, is still out in the wild and it “details 136,000 individuals in the US state of Colorado, along with each person’s personality and psychological profile.

All started spiraling downhill for Cambridge Analytica, once the company CEO, Alexander Nix, disclosed the company’s use of bribery and entrapment to compromise politicians in favor of their clients, during an interview with undercover Channel 4 journalists. Following the development, Nix was suspended, and the company refuted all claims made in the interview and argued the interview to be staged and altered.

Cambridge Analytica Ceo

Image Courtesy of Politico Europe

As of now, the data analytics firm is under investigation by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. They have also volunteered themselves to be audited by an independent third-party, in a desperate attempt to clear their name.

Currently, with the knowledge that all the stolen data is yet to be deleted and might still be roaming about, Facebook has joined hands with UK’s ICO to dig into this matter. In a statement made by Facebook’s vice president and deputy general counsel, Paul Grewal, to Channel 4, “two weeks ago, we received reports from media, including Channel 4, that, contrary to the certifications we were given, not all data was deleted. [...] The ICO has launched an investigation into Cambridge Analytica, and we are assisting with this. We want to assure people that we have suspended Cambridge Analytica from Facebook.

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