Bug Bounty Hunter Ryan Stevenson Caught Offering Doxing Services

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated September 25, 2021

Ryan Stevenson is one of the most prolific bug bounty hunters and has gained massive public recognition from telecom companies. Stevenson has reported a number of security holes in websites and has helped secure countless websites. However, KrebsOnSecurity unearthed information that Stevenson is also responsible for offering doxing services and selling customer data.

AT&T, T-Mobile, and other telecom providers have been able to patch security exploits thanks to the bug bounty hunter’s work. Ryan Stevenson calls himself “Phobia” and his LinkedIn profile states he is responsible for finding bugs in websites like Hotmail, Yahoo, PayPal, and eBay.

A security researcher from KrebsOnSecurity tried to find more information on Ryan Stevenson which led him to various sales forums that trade in customer data. OGusers is a popular forum dedicated to hacking and other illegal online activity. Users who are involved in sim attacks are often active on the forums selling customer data and trading with others.

After being contacted by KrebsOnSecurity, Stevenson revealed “I shouldn’t have made the threads even though no one really asked for anything. I’m on the good side. But it's almost 2019, and I need to find a new hobby I can’t be bothered to look for breaches/vulns, haven’t got 1 job offer or recommendation yet.

Ryan Stevenson's Doxing Services

Image Courtesy of KrebsOnSecurity

However, Stevenson has denied allegations of being involved in SIM swapping attack and has admitted to doxing only. Many forum members identified Ryan Stevenson as “Phob” or “Phobs,” and a post was uncovered from May which revealed that he actively trades in OG accounts using his real name. He actively urged people to privately talk if they needed doxing services. He claims to be able to “dox” any US carrier and offers his services for $25 via bitcoin. Check out our guide if you want to avoid doxxing i.e done against you.

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