Top 10 Biggest Flexes in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden!

Written by Evanshi Mavani
Published on July 25, 2021

We don’t know what it is about overpowered characters flexing their strength, but the thrill and rush felt in those times are absolutely unreal. The goosebumps felt all over the body when the protagonist absolutely demolishes their opponent is what fiction is about. In fact, we live for these badass moments in anime and desperately await them.

Naruto is a legendary anime with an almost unparalleled status in the community. From god-like main characters to villains that are the blueprint of modern shonen antagonists, it has everything required to guarantee a successful binge watch. However, with great power comes great flexes, and, of course, Naruto does not disappoint in this case either.

Let’s relive this masterpiece once again and take a look at the 10 biggest flexes in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

10. Kakashi Creating Chidori

Kakashi using Chidori

Be it the skilled usage of Sharingan, copying over a thousand jutsus, or becoming Hokage, Kakashi Hatake is a legend in his own right for several reasons. However, what everyone forgets or brushes past is the fact that he is the one that created Chidori — a highly destructive and renowned jutsu. Not only that, Kakashi flexed on everyone by doing this when he was only 13.

Kakashi created the Chidori after he failed to apply his lightning nature to the Rasengan. The high concentration of electricity produced during the jutsu made a sound resembling many birds chirping, hence the name.

While most shinobi could not use the Chidori safely due to its high power and speed, Kakashi could overcome these drawbacks as a Sharingan user. This earned his Chidori the name "Lightning Cutter" and became his signature move. In fact, Kakashi is the one who taught Chidori to his infamous student, Sasuke Uchiha.

9. Shikamaru Defeating Hidan

Shikamaru Vs Hidan

The Akatsuki had been very troublesome to deal with due to characters such as Itachi, Orochimaru, Pain, and Obito within their midst. Even after excluding them, every single member was extremely strong and required a lot of time and effort to defeat. However, a flex from Shikamaru's end on Akatsuki made a lot of people cry and question their existence.

After tragically losing Asuma to Hidan, a literally immortal member of the Akatsuki, Shikamaru's comeback was thrilling. During his fight with Hidan, almost everyone expected him to lose due to the apparent power gap. However, Shikamaru surprised us once again. He used his smarts to set up traps and planned exactly how he wanted the "fight" to go down.

He instilled the fear of death in an immortal and killed Hidan in the most excruciating way possible. Trapping the screaming immortal beneath the rubble and letting him have a slow death was a way to exact revenge for his teacher, and it is what the Akatsuki member deserved.

This fight also blessed us with one of the best quotes from Naruto, "You and your god don't frighten me. You see, you and I believe in different things. You want to know what I believe in? The will of fire. Right now, the god you should be worried about isn't Jashin or anyone else. It's me. Because I'm the one who's about to pass judgment."

Every single moment of Shikamaru getting serious is a flex because, when he does, something legendary is about to go down.

8. Rock Lee Removing His Weights

Rock Lee Removing Weights

Who knew that someone that could not use ninjutsu would end up becoming one of the coolest characters in Naruto! However, Rock Lee has managed to build up his reputation and power through sheer physical strength and Taijutsu like his mentor.

While he has surprised us every now and then, Rock Lee’s biggest flex in the series was during the Chunin exams. During the entirety of the exam, he was wearing training weights on his legs as a form of constant training. With 4,600 kg per band on his leg, Rock Lee was extraordinarily nimble and defeated every opponent.

It was when facing Gaara, a Jinchuuriki, that Rock Lee finally faced trouble. At that point, he leveled the field by removing his weights. While everybody initially laughed, their jaws dropped when the weights fell. The intimidating effect those weights had on the floor was a sight to behold and a mark of Lee’s hard work.

With this one flex, everyone in the anime and the audience was taken with Rock Lee. In fact, fans felt that he deserved to win the round against Gaara but only lost due to plot armor.

7. Sasuke Restrains the Tailed Beasts

Sasuke Restrains the Tailed Beasts

Several shinobi have demonstrated the ability to gain control of one or more of the tailed beasts throughout the series. However, most of them have either been Jinchuuriki or monstrous figures like Hashirama or Madara - and even then, they have only managed to do so with great effort and preparation.

Sasuke’s greatest flex was putting all the Tailed Beasts in a Genjutsu and effortlessly capturing them in a matter of seconds using planetary destruction (Chibaku Tensei). He did this with just a glance, thanks to the Outer Path ability of Rinnegan. Unfortunately, not even Kurama, the strongest of the Tailed Beast, could do anything and had to leave their fate up in Naruto's hands.

With this flex, Sasuke surpassed himself as well as any other Uchiha Clan member.

6. Obito Vs. Naruto and Killer Bee

Obito Vs Naruto and Killer Bee

The reason for Tobi's carefreeness with his mask on was his utter confidence in himself. He did not even acknowledge the Shinobi Alliance as a threat, let alone two jinchurikis.

During his fight against Naruto, Killer Bee, Kakashi, and Metal Lee, Obito mostly sat back and let the other controlled jinchurikis take his place. The level of confidence he had when facing such strong opponents was unparalleled. In Obito's mind, he had already won, and Naruto's victory could change nothing. 

Obito’s biggest flex in the series was when he began to sweat but instead commented that it was the rain since “those fools” could never make him sweat. This simple line showed the utter disregard he had for some of the strongest characters in Naruto and caused shivers down our spines.

5. Reanimated Tobirama and Hashirama

Reanimated Tobirama and Hashirama

Tobirama's hate for the Uchiha is well-known, and this feeling remained even when he was reanimated. So when Tobirama heard about Sasuke's plan of destroying Konoha, he did nothing but raise a finger. Just this action alone exerted enough pressure to make everyone sweat bullets.

In return, Hashirama decided to calm his younger brother down by doing the exact same. With a raise of the First Hokage's finger, it almost seemed as if everyone's faces would melt off. Despite being reanimated, the amount of power Tobirama and Hashirama had was absolutely unreal. This flex on their side was satisfying because, for the first time, we could actually see Sasuke's regret and his smug face sweating for a good while.

If Tobirama and Hashirama were at their peak, the war would have ended before it even began.

4. Madara Dropping Meteors

Madara Dropping Meteors

Madara used Tengai Shinsei in order to draw massive meteorites from the upper atmosphere down on the alliance. He did this with his own power, which only increased after he became the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki. The impact of this technique was such that it devastated a significant portion of the Fourth Division. The resulting tremors were felt from the border of the Land of Lightning to as far away as the Allied Shinobi Forces' headquarters.

However, Madara had been absolutely destroying the Shinobi Alliance, and there was no reason for him to do anything drastic such as dropping meteorites. This means him doing so was clearly an intentional flex. It wasn't necessary for Madara to drop a meteor on weaklings, and he was literally just showing off his strength and demonstrating how easy it was for him to do something that most would not even dream of. 

The sheer enormity of this technique caused the Fourth Division to question if it could even be called ninjutsu. The scene where Gaara said, "Is this the power of a God?” gave us goosebumps all over. That was the moment when the audience realized that one of the greatest villains in fiction had arrived.

3. Pain Destroying Konoha

Pain Destroying Konoha

When Pain came looking for Naruto, he could not find him in Konoha. After finding out his location from Shizune, he decided to make Tsunade feel true pain. So like any sane person, he completely flattened the entire village along the way.

The Deva Path of Pain used a large-scale Shinra Tensei to destroy the village, and all that remained of Konoha was a large crater and huge amounts of debris. This was one of the greatest villain moments in the series. Despite knowing that his target was not present, Pain did not simply leave but instead single-handedly destroyed Konoha, which just goes to show the true strength of the Akatsuki.

Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest flexes in all of Naruto. The leaf village is said to be the strongest village, but Pain did not even take hours, days, or weeks to demolish it. He did it in seconds using just one push attack. That episode was the first time fans had seen such devastation happen in Naruto, especially one of that magnitude.

2. Naruto Making Every Member of the Shinobi Alliance Three Times More Powerful

Naruto Powering up Every Member of the Shinobi Alliance

With Naruto being the protagonist, it was difficult picking just one flex moment. However, in the end, the scene where he powered up every member of the Shinobi Alliance had to be included.

During the Fourth Shinobi War, Naruto had just been accepted by Kurama and had complete access to his power. In order to strengthen and protect the rest, he created a few shadow clones and began distributing Kurama's chakra to every member of the Allied Shinobi Forces. This means that a total of 37,000 people, which included 13,000 samurai and 24,000 shinobi, gained chakra shroud and had a tremendous increase in their prowess.

Kakashi stated that after receiving Naruto's chakra, he became three times more powerful and could easily use Kamui more times than possible with his own strength. This means Naruto simply powered up everyone in the alliance by three times, making everyone at least Jonin level. Thus, he single-handedly increased their collective output and managed to prevent a lot of deaths and damage. Undoubtedly, this was one of Naruto's biggest flexes in the series.

1. Madara Toying With the 5 Kage

Madara Vs 5 Kage

From the moment he was reanimated, Madara has constantly overpowered and laid the shinobi alliance's efforts to waste. However, the biggest flex and the most thrilling moment in the entire series was undoubtedly when Madara fought against the five Kage. 

Since the beginning of Naruto, it has been emphasized that "Kage" is a title given to few - specifically, it is a title given to only the strongest person in the village. Due to this, the five Kage were tasked with fighting Madara; however, these powerful characters amounted to nothing in front of him. In fact, Madara was barely trying against them and cared pitifully little about fighting against them.

While facing the Five Kages, for amusement, Madara decided to make the battle more “fair” by creating 25 wood clones, each above Kage level. Of course, there's a difference when Madara himself fought them with Sussanoo but having his substantially inferior clones fight the Five Kage was a huge insult to them. It was simply an overpowered individual toying with the Kage and even asking whether or not they wanted him to try. This was indeed the biggest flex in the series by far.

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