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The Five Best Nyaa Alternatives to Keep Anime Fans Buzzing

Written by Dev Gupta
Last updated July 14, 2021

In a torrenting world of heavily stocked helter-skelter, Nyaa had emerged as a niche site for anime content. Earlier this year, Nyaa fans were left in shock when their favorite anime site responded with an unruly error message. Some of us thought it was a temporary error message and some thought the site had gone the Torrentz way.

We later found out that Nyaa had lost some of its key domains and that the site was facing some kind of a mid-level issue. The reason that happened is still not known. However, there were rumors that they had been under some kind of “ISP pressure”. Nevertheless, no official statement was made.

Thankfully, Nyaa did bounce back with their clean interface on a new domain. And it has been happy going to the site since. However, we did learn one thing from the incident – it’s always handy to have a list of alternatives ready. In this article, we tell you about the best alternatives to Nyaa.

Here Goes: 5 Best Nyaa Alternatives for Anime Torrent Sharing

Before we tell you about the best alternatives for Nyaa, we would like to remind you of a fact. Visiting torrent sites can be highly unsafe as your IP address and ISP will be easily visible to the rest of the world. Hackers can use this information to find out as much as your name and address. We recommend the use of ExpressVPN service to hide your IP address and ISP. Please note that some torrent websites are blocked in geo-restricted countries and you can easily unlock this block using a VPN.

Option #1: Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho
Prominent Features Rich library, smaller file sizes
What’s Missing Cluttered interface
Visit AnimeTosho

There is one thing that you must remember when looking for Nyaa alternatives. Almost no site will offer you an experience as clean and rich. However, Anime Tosho does match Nyaa as far as the variety in the torrent library is concerned. It indeed stocks thousands of torrents from a variety of animes.

You will find a huge collection of popular anime torrents right on the homepage of Anime Tosho. We might not like the internet-blue theme from the ‘90s on this site. But the site isn’t trying to impress us with the colors in the first place. It is just a large library of torrents.

Anime Tosho is also known for packing in high-quality content within lower file sizes. This is the reason anime lovers often refer to Anime Tosho as the YTS of anime. The simple categories on the site include Torrents and Episodes. Which there are no expansive sections, the search field in itself is a pretty powerful function.

Option # 2: Anime Torrents

Anime Torrents
Prominent Features Categorized torrent libraries, buzzing forum
What’s Missing Registration required to access torrents
Visit AnimeTorrents

Unlike Anime Tosho, Anime Torrents offers a premium feel. On the minus, you will have to register on the website to access torrents and blog. Anime Torrents is a tracker for private BitTorrents that specializes in Anime TV Series, Anime Movies, Original Video Animation (OVA), Light Novels, Manga, and Hentai.

The qualities in which the content is available includes Blu-Ray, BDRip, DVDRip, and HD. In other words, you can watch content in 720p and 1080p without much interference. Like you would expect, the majority of the content uploaded on the site is made in Japan. And they give you a buzzing forum to exchange thoughts with fellow anime lovers.

The one downside to Anime Torrents is that you will have to register as a user to access the torrent library. If the registration option does not work in your geography, you may try using a VPN for it. The design of the site, albeit old-school, is pretty neat.

Option # 3: Anirena

Prominent Features Lots of anime categories, most torrents are subbed and dubbed
What’s Missing Some latest anime torrents might be absent
Visit Anirena

Anirena is a famous torrent website among many torrenting circles. Anime lovers who are regular on Nyaa, look at Anirena as a good alternative to Nyaa. Most anime lovers and followers will enjoy using Nyaa for the simple fact that you do not need to register to access torrents.

The categories on the site include Anime, Raw, Hentai, DVD/ISO, Drama, Music, AMV, Non-English, and Non-English. Most of the content on the site has been subbed and dubbed. You will find lots of torrents right on the homepage of the website. Plus, the file sizes are significantly lower.

A great feature of Anirena is that you can report any torrent that you believe contains suspicious software. We believe this is a great feature that keeps the community thriving through the good work of the peers. While the UI is basic, the search function is pretty much on point.

Option # 4: Anime Layer

Anime Layer
Prominent Features Great interface, the library includes animation from Russia, Korea, and Japan
What’s Missing Not the largest library
Visit AnimeLayer

Anime Layer is an interesting anime torrent site. Unlike many anime sites we have reviewed, Anime Layer has a catchy interface. The design is so neat that you will want to stay on this site even if it does not return the torrent file you are looking for. That’s how the UI plays on your mind.

Apart from torrents, the site also gives you a live radio option to listen to online radio. Now that’s cool if you ask us. The four major categories on the site include anime, music, drama, and manga. As you scroll down the homepage, you will find some cool torrents right on the home page of the website.

The top torrents on the home page include the synopsis of the show/movie along with the genre. Interestingly, the site is based out of Russia and has a decent stock of Russian content on the site. Plus, a sizeable number of torrents here have been produced in Korea as well.

Option # 5: Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents Torrent Site
Prominent Features Old and effective torrent site has loads of anime content
What’s Missing Can be difficult to access without a VPN in some regions
Visit LimeTorrents

Lime Torrents is not the typical anime torrent site you see. But it has loads of anime content – a lot for us to ignore. While it is one of the older torrenting sites out there, it has found success in dodging the authorities and escaping the fates of some fallen angels of torrenting.

Lime Torrents has managed to stay out of legal trouble mainly because of a specific trait of theirs. They are very specific about the kind of data that they host on their website. The trick is they do not host the actual torrent files on the site. They only put up the respective hash values for the torrents.

For some reason, the site seems to be taking all its content to the deep web. Most people can use the Lime Torrent client to access anime files. If you find issues with that, you should go ahead and use a proper VPN service that will help you access the site.

How to Use Torrents Safely?

Many first-time torrent users do not tend to realize that their torrenting activity is completely visible to their ISPs. Your ISP is the company that provides you with an internet connection. Many of us do not realize that the ISPs have the power to collect our personal data and send it over to third parties.

It is important to keep personal data safe. We believe you should not make your ISPs even guess that you have been on a torrent site. The best way to ensure this is to use a VPN service. This will do two things – you will be able to hide your identity and access torrents that are blocked in your geography.

A VPN channels your internet connection through a server based in another country. If you choose a good VPN service, your ISP will not be able to find out that you are using VPN. It is especially relevant if you want to share and download torrent files.

Disclaimer: P2P sharing is legal when done with torrents. But TechNadu understands and recognizes that torrents have been used in the past to share files illegally and infringe on copyrights. We reject and condemn such behavior.

Final Words

So we gave you the best torrent sites that could serve as alternatives to Nyaa. Now that you have a load of anime sites on your list, bookmark this page to come back and visit these sites regularly.

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