5 Best Hike Messenger Alternatives to Try in 2021 – These Chat Apps Will Help You Stay in Touch With Your Friends via Texts, Calls & More!

Written by Novak Bozovic
Last updated July 14, 2021

One of the most popular Indian chat apps, Hike Messenger (now known as Hike Sticker Chat), has announced its abrupt shutdown. While some of its features will find their way to related apps, this practically means that many of you will need to start searching for the best Hike Messenger alternatives (since the app won't be available after January 14, 2021).

So, what exactly makes an excellent alternative to Hike Messenger? Well, that depends on what features of the app you've used. This was a fairly typical chat app (at least in the beginning), offering an Indian alternative to WhatsApp. However, it quickly grew to include messages, voice calls, stickers, and even supported news, mobile payments, and games at one point. 

With that said, we will recommend some of the most popular chat apps like Hike Messenger available in India and worldwide. All of the following options cater to different types of users. So, no matter what kind of a replacement you need, we're 100% sure you'll find it below. 


You might have heard that WhatsApp plans to introduce worrying privacy policy changes, sharing private data with Facebook in a much bigger volume than before. So, if you’re a WhatsApp user, you'll find the following list of recommendations to be helpful.

These Are the Best Alternatives to Hike Messenger (Hike Sticker Chat) Available Right Now!

After plenty of research and testing, we've decided to highlight five chat apps that work in the same (or very similar) way as Hike Messenger. And more importantly, they all respect your privacy, making them promising alternatives to any chat app you might be using right now. 

  1. Vibe by Hike – An Innovative Hike Messenger Replacement
  2. Viber – Widely-Used Alternative to Hike Messenger
  3. JioChat – A Chat App Specifically Optimized for the Indian Market
  4. Telegram – Privacy-First Chat App Similar to Hike Messenger
  5. Signal – Most Secure Hike Messenger Alternative

1. Vibe by Hike - An Innovative Replacement for Hike

Vibe by Hike Homepage
Vibe by Hike - Details
Supported Platforms Web (for now); iOS and Android apps soon to launch.
Messaging/Calls YES / YES.
Extra Features Virtual community; Verified profiles only. 
Price Free of charge.
In-App Purchases N/A (will most likely include). 
Download Web

Our first Hike Messenger alternative is a highly exciting one, especially if you've been a long-time Hike user. The company behind Hike Messenger has recently relaunched one of its apps, previously known as HikeLand. This app is now called 'Vibe by Hike' and brings an interesting way to chat with other individuals. 

It should be said that 'Vibe by Hike' isn't a traditional chat app. Instead, this is a virtual world where you get to interact with other individuals. Of course, you can use it to connect with your friends directly – if all of you are using the same app. Aside from that, this messenger app comes with a unique twist, putting you in the center of a vibrant digital world. 

We should also note that 'Vibe by Hike' promises to be a safe environment. The team behind the app promises that no fake profiles can be found here and that rigorous security measures are built-into the app. To use it, you'll need to sign up, entering an application process before you get to utilize the app fully. Any behavior that goes against the app's code of conduct will not be tolerated. 

2. Viber - Widely-Used Alternative to Hike Messenger

Viber Homepage
Viber - Details
Supported Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS/iPadOS, Android.
Messaging/Calls YES / YES. 
Extra Features End-to-end encryption; Group chats; Stickers; Communities.
Price Free of charge.
In-App Purchases YES.
Download Windows, macOS & LinuxAndroidiOS

Here, we have one of the most feature-rich Hike Messenger alternatives. You’ve probably heard about Viber in the past, as this is one of the most popular chat apps worldwide. However, if you haven’t been paying attention to this app, you’ll be surprised by what Viber is capable of now. And yes, this has become of the most privacy-friendly chat apps.

First and foremost, Viber is a chat app. That means you can exchange messages with other platform users and make audio or video phone calls. You can also participate in group chats and calls, join all kinds of communities, use stickers and GIFs, and plenty more. In terms of messaging, you get to delete and edit seen messages, as well as send disappearing (self-destructible) messages. 

Lastly, a few words on Viber's security. Know that all forms of communication via Viber are end-to-end encrypted. That means no one will see what you do within the app. Or, differently said, no one will read or listen to your chats and calls. On top of that, you get to initiate conversations while keeping your phone number hidden, hide chats, and more.

3. JioChat - A Chat App Optimized for the Indian Market

Jiochat Homepage
JioChat - Details
Supported Platforms Android and iOS. 
Messaging/Calls YES/YES. 
Extra Features Video stories; File sharing; Stickers; Regional languages.
Price Free of charge.
In-App Purchases NO.
Download AndroidiOS.

Next, let's talk about a genuine Indian alternative to Hike Messenger. At the moment, one of the most feature-rich apps of this kind (made in India, of course) is JioChat. We can't say that this app is overly innovative, as it mainly copies what other chat apps already bring. However, it's a complete package of exciting and useful features, with millions of active users. 

As you can imagine, JioChat is a chat app at its core. Aside from text-based chats, it also provides HD video and audio calls. Then, you get to enroll in groups with up to 500 individuals, make group calls, share files (up to 100MB), use stickers, and interact with branded channels. JioChat also brings stories, similar to what you’ll find on Instagram. 

As evident from the previous paragraph, JioChat copies what works well on other chat apps. However, this app was made primarily for the Indian market, and it comes with something unique. You get to use it in 10 different Indian languages, which is a nice touch. Therefore, we do firmly believe that JioChat is one of the best Hike Messenger alternatives available today. 

4. Telegram - Privacy-First Chat App Similar to Hike Messenger

Telegram Messenger Homepage
Telegram Messenger - Details
Supported Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS. 
Messaging/Calls YES / YES (one-on-one). 
Extra Features End-to-end encryption; Incredibly fast; Cloud-based; Secure.
Price Free of charge. 
In-App Purchases NO.
Download Windows, macOS, and LinuxAndroidiOS.

Our list of alternatives to Hike Messenger wouldn't be complete without a highly secure and private option. That's precisely what Telegram Messenger is, coming from Pavel Durov, the founder of a hugely popular social media network called VKontakte. He's known for refusing to hand over the personal data of VK users, even when Russian authorities pressured him, which led to him leaving the country. 

With that said, it’s doesn’t come as a surprise to know that Telegram is a highly secure option. Everything exchanged via Telegram is encrypted using a combination of highly advanced types of encryption and key exchanges. Therefore, your privacy is guaranteed. You get to chat with your friends, exchange all kinds of media (with upload limits set to 2GB), create groups for up to 200,000 members (yes, you read that right), and plenty more. 

Telegram Messenger is also known for its performance. Since it's cloud-based, it works across any mobile or desktop platform. You can access your data from any device and even start typing a message on one device and then continue on another. And finally, know that Telegram works perfectly even on the weakest of mobile connections. 

5. Signal - Most Secure Hike Messenger Alternative

Signal Messenger Homepage
Signal Messenger - Details
Supported Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. 
Messaging/Calls YES / YES. 
Extra Features End-to-end encryption; Unlimited file-sharing; Stickers.
Price Free of charge.
In-App Purchases NO.
Download Windows, macOS, and LinuxAndroidiOS.

We'll end our list of recommendations with yet another highly secure option. Called Signal, this messaging app is designed to protect your privacy from the ground up. It comes with one of the most bulletproof privacy policies, promising not to collect anything about its users. This is one reason for the recent surge in Signal and Telegram users, as people are starting to flock to more secure chat apps.

Keep in mind that this app is powered by its proprietary protocol, using end-to-end encryption. That means your every message and every call are encrypted (which you can read about in our Signal Messenger review). On top of that, you get to exchange messages, make one-on-one or group video calls, and send all kinds of files (without any limits on their type or size). The app is cloud-based, which means all of this data requires no disk space on your device. 

When compared to Hike Messenger, know that Signal also comes with plenty of fun features. You can exchange stickers and GIFs, and there's even a handy built-in photo & video editor. With that said, we're sure that Signal will allow you to express yourself without any limitations.


What’s the Best Hike Messenger Alternative in 2021?

If you need a chat app that’s incredibly similar to Hike Messenger, you should pick Viber. That app brings text messages, video calls, stickers, GIFs, group chats, and plenty more – all while employing end-to-end encryption. However, you should consider using Telegram, Signal, JioChat, and Vibe by Hike

Is Hike Messenger (Hike Sticker Chat) Closing Down in 2021?

Yes, Hike Messenger has announced its shutdown in early January 2021 (via a message distributed to its users through the app itself). Hike Messenger stopped working on January 14, 2020, which means that it is no longer available or functional.

Which Chat Apps Should You Avoid Using?

Numerous chat apps earn money by collecting your personal data. Therefore, we highly recommend avoiding those, especially since there are so many alternatives out there. Some of the chat apps you should avoid are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and LINE.

What’s the Most Private Alternative to Hike Messenger?

At the moment, Telegram Messenger and Signal Messenger are the most privacy-focused replacements for Hike Messenger. Both of them feature open-source security protocols, encrypting your messages, calls, and files.

What the Best Free Alternative to Hike Messenger?

When it comes to free alternatives to Hike Messenger (without in-app purchases), we recommend Telegram and Signal. At the moment, those two chat apps come entirely free of charge.

So, what do you think about our recommendations? Which Hike Messenger alternative will you pick? Let us know in the comments section below. And of course, thanks for reading!

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