Best Fights & Action Scenes on Demon Slayer, Ranked!

Written by Khushi Jain
Published on April 26, 2022

Every Fantasy-Shounen has one thing in common: Epic fight scenes. Demon Slayer is no such exception. We were always filled with a sense of astonishment while watching the characters fight for their lives in the KNY universe.

We are sure that you enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching some intense display of power in battles. The fight scenes in Demon Slayer anime always left us panting for breath. So as a tribute to those awesome combat scenes, we have come up with a list of various Demon Slayer fights that left a deep mark on us. Of course, we have only included the fights that are included in the anime as of yet. So all the manga readers might be a little disappointed.

But don’t worry! We strongly believe that you will completely agree with the rankings that our TechNadu team has decided upon. If you don’t agree with us, let us know why; and where must a fight scene be ranked in the comments below. Happy reading!

8. Tanjiro Vs. Kyogai

Kyogai-The Drum Demon
Kyogai-The Drum Demon

Tanjiro Vs. Kyogai was a pretty intense battle. It took place inside the Tsuzumi mansion, where Kyogai could change the dimensions inside the house. It was a tough battle for Tanjiro because he was a very new demon slayer, and Kyogai was a former member of the Kizuki demon ranks.

Kyogai is a demon who uses drums present on his body to manipulate the house dimension. Tanjiro could figure out the rhythm and patterns of each of Kyogai’s strikes and predict his moves. In the end, Kyogai was defeated, and victory belonged to Tanjiro. 

But a tragic back story about the Drum Demon made our hearts soften a bit. Nonetheless, it was a battle interesting enough to earn a spot on this list.

7. Inosuke Vs. Spider Brother

Zenitsu Battles Spider Brother
Zenitsu Battles Spider Brother

Natagumo Mount Arc from Demon Slayer might as well be called one of the best arcs on the show. Of course, the credit goes to the insanely clean and colorful graphics and epic fight scenes. The arc was also when Zenitsu got his chance to shine… whatever the circumstances may be. 

We find it funny (and borderline frustrating) that Zenitsu shines the brightest as a demon slayer when he is sleeping. But if we keep that comedic gold mine aside, his fight with the spider brother was one that we still haven’t been able to get over.

He fought relentlessly against the demon. He even got poisoned by the spider brother. In the end, Shinobu saved his life. But the fight that led to his current state was worth watching.

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6. Demon Slayer Corps. Vs. Enmu


We would include every single fight from the Mugen Train arc on this list if we can. The Lower Kizuki One Demon Enmu was a tough cookie, but our demon slayer boys managed to crack him well.

Enmu somehow merged his body and soul into the train itself, making it a part of his body. We must admit, if he wanted to eat a lot of humans at once and get stronger rapidly, it was a brilliant strategy. But there’s nothing that our demon slayers couldn’t accomplish. 

After an epic exchange of blows, the fight concluded where Tanjiro and Inosuke collectively managed to behead Enmu. The intense battle deserves to be here on this list.

5. Inosuke & Zenitsu Vs. Daki


Entertainment District Arc tops every other arc before it in battle, story, and graphics. Daki’s battle against Inosuke and Zenitsu was full of surprises. We were pleasantly moved by how much the boys had progressed in teamwork and battle prowess. 

Of course, we will not forget how these boys provided a bit of comedic relief with their quirkiness in the middle of an intense battle. But none of the quirkiness can match how cool they appeared while fighting Daki, a demon who belongs to the ranks of Upper Kizuki demons at Rank Five.

She wasn’t an easy opponent to beat and provided a tough fight with her Obi-weapon (we almost typed Obiwan. Any Star Wars fans here?).

4. Tanjiro & Nezuko Vs. Daki

Nezuko Demon Form
Nezuko Demon Form

Daki shows up again on this list. Needless to say, she was a powerful demon when in battle. The portion of her battle against Tanjiro and Nezuko won a slight attachment from us. And for some obvious reasons (*screams* NEZUKO!).

Nezuko appeared in her demon form for the first time in this arc, and we are not complaining. And let’s not forget how she destroyed Daki’s head with a single kick from her bear legs. 

The battle also included a bit of emotion that might have tugged at our hearts just a little bit more. And hence, this battle places a little higher on the list.

3. Tanjiro & Nezuko Vs. Rui

 Rui Traps Nezuko In His Webs
Rui Traps Nezuko in His Webs

Rui was one ruthless demon. And he was also a ruthless fighter. The fight scene of him against Tanjiro & Nezuko is one that we can never easily forget. The ruthless spider demon wanted to take Nezuko as his sister after he was moved when she jumped in to protect her brother.

Of course, Tanjiro didn’t want that. And in his desperation, an image of his father doing a sun dance flashes in his mind. That’s when “Hinokami Kagura” made its first-ever debut on the show. The sudden turn of events in the battle left us astonished and at the very edge of our seats.

Overall, the entire battle is epic enough to earn a spot on the list.

2. Rengoku Kyojuro Vs. Akaza

Rengoku Vs. Akaza
Rengoku Vs. Akaza

We won’t lie; we didn’t see another (stronger) demon show up after Enmu was dealt with. The demon slayers were not prepared to face Akaza in battle. He was an Upper Kizuki Rank Three Demon, after all. 

The exchange of blows between the Flame Hashira and Akaza was so rapid that it was becoming hard to keep up. And Rengoku put up one hell of a fight against Akaza, even if he ended up losing his life.

Rengoku’s death after the fight left him shaken for quite a while. But we must admit that it was one hell of a battle, no matter the duration.

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1. Tanjiro & Tengen Vs. Gyutaro

Gyutaro & Daki
Gyutaro & Daki

Here comes the best battle scene from KNY Universe yet. Gyutaro’s fight against Tanjiro and the Sound Hashira Tengen takes the crown of being the best fight scene in the anime. The sheer intensity and magnitude of the battle had exceeded our imagination. This fight scene is what we truly call a “nail-biter action sequence.”

The combat was deadly, but our boys prevailed and managed to snatch a victory. This battle deserves to be on the top of this list. Hands down!

Anyway, Demon Slayer anime has some amazing animated fight scenes that will leave your mind reeling. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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