Apple Launches “Behind the Mac” Ad Campaign on YouTube

Written by Udo
Last updated September 23, 2021

A recent advertising campaign sees Apple throwing its marketing muscle behind its ailing Apple Mac brand. The company’s focus on smartphones and tablets has seen it fall behind several of its key competitors in the laptop and home computer markets.

This latest batch of ads aims to reinforce the notion that the Mac is still an important brand to the company. A recent visual refresh of its Mac App Store started what appears to be a concerted effort by the company to put the Mac back on the map. These new ads reinforce the message.

Behind the Mac

What Will You See?

If you head over to YouTube, you’ll see Apple’s new Behind the Mac campaign. Each one-minute video highlights a different person’s journey with their Apple Mac, explaining how they use their Mac to improve their lives. It’s an emotional take on advertising that appears like an attempt to position the Mac as a life-changing piece of hardware.

Strangely, each video highlights the company’s MacBooks. The link supplied with each video takes you to a more general product page that offers the entire Mac range.

The stories featured rely heavily on emotion to pull people towards the product. One features a legally-blind man who says that he uses his Mac to help him to see a world that he can’t see on his own. Another relates to a woman who uses a Mac to make and distribute her music.

What You Won’t See

Apple has disabled comments on all of these video ads, so you won’t see what people have to say about them. The ads also don’t highlight anything about the technical specifications of the Mac. They focus more on what people use Macs to achieve, rather than the specifics of what Macs bring to the table.

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