Australian Court Returns Laptops to The ‘Infamous’ GTA V Cheat Creator

By Bill Toulas / December 22, 2018

Christopher Anderson, a creator of a popular GTV V cheat, who had his belonging seized in October by the authorities got his laptops back. Anderson’s laptops were searched by forensic experts as ordered by the Australian Federal court following a complaint by Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software. The developers of GTA V have taken a firm stance against cheat creators, filling multiple copyright infringement lawsuits in Australia and the US.

The particular case held special importance as it was the first to enforce such restraining and seizure measures against people who developed cheats for a game. The court did not only order the searching, copying, and removal of all things relevant to “Infamous”, but they went to the extent of limiting the amount of money that the defendant could withdraw to the absolute minimum necessary.

With the case still being in ongoing phase, the court has made an unexpected decision to return the laptops, tablet, and smartphone back to Anderson. The defendant has previously complained that due to the limited access to funds that was imposed on him, he finds that properly defending himself is challenging. The judge decided that the lack of access to funds and communication tools such as the laptops may interfere with Anderson’s right to defend himself fairly on the court.

The court has now given Anderson an extension of one month in order to prepare his defense response, but a PayPal account freeze seems to plague the situation of the defendant as it is set to get lifted around March. This will be too late for him, but the court couldn’t do anything to help on that part although they contacted PayPal themselves.

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