AT&T Offers Free WatchTV Content To All Unlimited Plan Subscribers

Written by Nitish Singh
Published on June 21, 2018

AT&T is offering free access to 31 TV channels to all AT&T Unlimited subscribers. Users who are part of both Premium & Non-Premium (AT&T Unlimited and More) plans will be receiving access to channels like Cartoon Network, BBC World News, Discovery, Boomerang and more. The WatchTV upgrade will be offered to all users starting today. If you do not want to pick up an AT&T mobile plan to avail the free TV subscription, you can subscribe to just the TV package for $15.

The AT&T Unlimited & More Premium plan offers benefits similar to the Verizon Beyond Unlimited package with a data cap of 22GB per hour when streaming and a hotspot usage limit of 15GB. If you want to pick up the plan just for yourself, you need to subscribe for $80 a month with auto-renewal enabled by default. Sharing the plan between four people is cost-effective at $190.

The AT&T Unlimited & More (non-Premium) plan is available for $70 for a single-user subscription and $160 when shared between four people. The video service seems to be limited to 480p for four people in the non-Premium Unlimited package, and only Premium users will get access to HD content. Just like the AT&T Unlimited & More Premium package, auto-renewal is enabled by default. Both of the plans that offer the free live TV service provide free $15 credit to users in their WatchTV accounts.

The $15 WatchTV bundle is also available for purchase right now, and it is a great deal for anyone who is interested in the content AT&T has to offer. While it does not offer as much content as many premium TV offerings, it is a decent package considering the price.

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