AT&T Announces $15/Month Streaming Service

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated May 20, 2021

AT&T announced AT&T Watch earlier today, which is the cellular company’s streaming service. There have been no details yet on the release date or what platforms the service will be available on. AT&T will release the service in the coming weeks, and the plans will start at 15$ per month. The cheapest package will not include any sports content.

AT&T Streaming Service

Image Courtesy of Gray TV Inc

According to MacRumors pricing for entry-level plans is highly competitive with competitors Philo’s plans starting at $16 per month and Sling TV’s plans starting at $20 per month. The $15 bundle from AT&T was announced by CEO Randall Stephenson at the witness stand, where was defending the company’s intention of acquiring Time Warner. Stephenson also mentioned that the company is set to release its first smartwatch this year.

The Justice Department argued against the cellular company that they are known to continuously raise prices for traditional DirecTV subscribers, which now start at $35 per month. Stephenson defended the argument stating the company has been working on bringing out a $15 plan for users to rationalize the price increases.

Stephenson outlined new tech, products and corporate changes that he has in mind for AT&T if the merger with Time Warner goes through. He believes the company could use the technology Time Warner has access to as a tool to compete aggressively in the market and offer better and more cost-effective services.

Currently, on the DirecTV Now network, the company offers 60+ channels for $35, 80+ channels for $50 a month, 100+ channels for $60 a month and 120+ channels for $70 a month. The service also includes the Apple TV 4K offer since November 2017. The offer allows new subscribers to acquire an Apple TV 4K for no cost if they pay for four months of DirecTV service in advance.

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