Apple watchOS 7 Comes With a Galore of Amazing Health, Fitness, and Personalization Features

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated June 21, 2021

The latest version of the watchOS has arrived, and it’s bringing the device one step closer to users’ lives and their activities. With a whole new set of health, fitness, and personalization features, the Apple Watch becomes further embroidered onto the wearer’s daily life, exercise, sleep, and even health and safety.

watchOS 7 Release Date & Supported Devices

The watchOS 7 will be compatible with iOS 14, which will be available for iPhones 6 and later. As for the Watch devices, series 3, series 4, and series 5 are all eligible for an update to the watchOS 7. Of course, some features won’t be available on the older models due to hardware limitations. As for the release date of the watchOS 7, that would be sometime in the upcoming fall.


With watchOS 7, Apple is enabling the user to set up and use custom “Watch Faces” that match their personal needs and interests. For example, some could place a weather forecast widget on a prominent position, and others may want to keep a calorie counter on the foreground. At the same time, someone else may go for a simplistic “classic-watch” look. Users will also be able to share their “Watch Faces” with others via Messages or Mail or just download other people’s creations through the App Store.


Source: Apple


First, the Workout app is getting enriched with four new workout types, namely the “Core Training,” “Dance,” “Functional Strength Training,” and the “Cooldown.” This means that Apple’s engineers have created custom algorithms for these types of training that enable the device to provide more accurate calorie exertion, whether you’re dancing to Latino or hip-hop.


Source: Apple

Next, the “Activity” app is now renamed into “Fitness” and is providing the user with an insightful summary overview page that presents all key information about their daily training activities. Users can also compare activities with their friends, gaining some competition-induced motivation.


Source: Apple

Finally, cycling enthusiasts are also getting something to cheer for. Maps will now generate the most efficient and bike-friendly routes based on user settings and send step-by-step instructions on the Apple Watch.


Apple has already invested a lot in the health aspect of Watch and watchOS, and the seventh major release is building upon this. Starting with the simple yet crucial habit of washing your hands, the Watch will now detect it and will automatically start a 20-second timer. If the users stop sooner, the Watch will prompt them to continue. Also, when returning home, the device will remind the wearer to wash their hands.

The Noise app that was first introduced in the previous version of the watchOS will now push headphone audio notifications when the user is listening to media at a high volume. Also, the app will continue to monitor the wearer’s exposure to ambient sound levels and will automatically turn the volume down if the threshold of the WHO recommendations is reached.


Source: Apple


The Sleep app will now go well beyond just tracking your sleeping cycles. You can set up a resting schedule, and the app will take care of the activation of the “Do Not Disturb” mode on all your Apple devices when needed. Moreover, the app will now help you wind down by dimming the lights and launching a mediation app when sleep time is approaching. Finally, if the battery is below 30% at this point, the user will get a reminder to charge it so that it’ll be ready for the next day.


Source: Apple


You can’t have a complete Apple Watch experience without Siri, which is why Apple worked on the empowerment of the AI on watchOS 7. Siri can now translate to ten languages right from the Apple Watch, process dictation, and also fetch shortcuts from the iPhone and allow the user to add them as complications on the Watch Face.


Source: Apple

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