Apple’s new iOS 11.2.6 Update can fix the iPhone/iPad crash bug

While everyone gossiping about the Apple bug, which severely affects the iPhone or iPad device by a one single Indian Telegu character, lead to system crash and not allowing an access to the application like Message, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, this forced the Apple to release the new iOS 11.2.6 update today.

This new update is arrived to fix a bug (Character sequence) that causes an iPhone application to crash. Also, the third-party application which fails to connect to external accessories is fixed. These two major bugs are fixed in this iOS 11.2.6 release after it was exposed last week.

What makes this bug so annoying? It allows the Apple user to send a certain Telegu character sequence to any of the iPhone devices and breaking the access to the application they have and crashes it finally. Safari, the built-in Messages app on macOS, and the Apple Watch are also affected by this bug. We today, got an update of 11.2.6 before iOS 11.3 release, as promised by Apple. The crashing issue will be fixed in all the betas of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS once the update is done.

For the past few month, Apple is struggling with these type of minor bugs and issued a 3 new updates to fix all the bugs that lead an iPhone/iPad to malfunction. It’s been really a hard time for the Apple to overcome this bug issues. But finally, the company is managed to resolve it.


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