Apple May Have Fixed the “Flexgate” Problem on New MacBook Pros

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated September 23, 2021

The 2016 and 2017 era MacBook Pros had a number of hardware issues that users complained about. From faulty keyboards to bending issues, Apple had to deal with a considerable number of complaints since the release of the current MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops. While the keyboard issue was addressed with the manufacturer offering to repair them for free and newer units being “fixed” out of the box, we did not see Apple address the Flexgate problem until now. According to a report by iFixit, the new MacBook Pro units are coming with a new display cable that could serve as a fix for the display issues.

Apple MacBook Pro Display Cable

Image Courtesy of iFixit

The addition of a longer cable on MacBook Pros means that Apple can expect the display cables to last much longer than the previous units. It is uncertain how effective the fix will be with Apple stating that the Flexgate problem occurred due to a design issue. With regular usage, the display cables got damaged and wore out fairly easily. Many users noticed a stage-light effect appear at the bottom edge of the MacBook Pro displays with the displays completely failing over time.

According to iFixit, even though the problem lied in the $6 display cable, users were asked to pay $700 to get the entire display changed including the cable. In case Apple’s new fix does not work out the situation will not change. Users will be required to change the entire display if they run into the same problems over time. With the 2018 MacBook releases being fairly new, it is unknown if the current-gen laptops have the same issues.

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