Apple Is Building “16K” VR Wireless Headset

By Nitish Singh / April 29, 2018

Apple might be building their first VR headset that will sport 16K, according to the report by CNET. The headset aims to be Apple’s first big step in the world of virtual reality. But, this is not the first time Apple has shown interest in virtual(VR) and augmented reality(AR). Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has praised virtual reality in the past, citing that it can be as big as iPhone.

The headset will be wireless and will be able to handle both AR and VR content. Internally, the project is codenamed “T288”. The report also states that it is still in the early stages and it will take minimum two years for it to come out. The plan is to release it by 2020.

The headsets will be connected to Apple’s own powerful machine without any wires, thus making it untethered for the most part.

If you are an Apple fan, then this is one of the best news for you to celebrate. However, Apple might change their path or completely scrap the project, claimed the report.

The focus to make virtual reality more streamlined has been on for the past few years. Many companies including Microsoft and Sony already have their working product. Apple’s vision is more inclined towards Microsoft’s take on VR. According to the assumptions made by the market, Apple wants to mix both VR and AR and give the users the life-style focused experience rather than entertainment-focused.

In short, they are trying to aim for “mixed reality” which will provide best of both worlds: virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR). The reports can be true because Apple acquired Vrvana last year. They were working on something similar before the acquisition took place.

Apple 16K VR headset

Image Courtesy of RedmondPie

When it comes to the evolution of technology, it is hard to say if Apple will succeed in their plan. Right now, there are not enough 8K powered TVs, 16K VR headsets can be a distant dream. Also, "16K" headset would require high-end GPUs to powerCost can also come in the way of Apple when building this ground-breaking VR headset.

Currently, there are plenty of VR hardware players in the market. Facebook’s own Oculus Rift has shown great promise, but still, lack some polished aspect required for mass adoption.

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