Apple CarPlay To Include Support For Google Maps

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated June 16, 2021

The new iOS 12 is set to release later this year, and we have news on some new functionalities that it will bring to aid drivers. There is a cause for delight as the tech giant is withdrawing the limitations with CarPlay which forced users to use Apple Maps while searching for directions. With the latest OS update, there will be support for Google Maps, Waze, and many more third-party maps.

Google Maps on CarPlay

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It should be noted that CarPlay already allowed users to use third-party applications in other circumstances. However, on the maps department, they previously choose to lock down their users into using their own service. But with time, as Apple learned that their Map app isn’t exactly a beloved offering, they have decided to let users use a third-party map application of their liking.

Surely this small step will improve the adoption rate for CarPlay, and turn it into a more enjoyable and useful feature. Even though Apple Maps had improved over time, there is no denying that the market offered other, far more superior alternatives. Furthermore, while driving in unfamiliar routes, it helps if the map service you are using is one that you like and find helpful.

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