Amazon Redesigns Alexa App with Smart Home Features

By Nitish Singh / October 5, 2018

With smart speaker usage on the rise, Amazon is revamping its popular Alexa app to make it easier for users with smart home devices. The app not only received a visual overhaul with colorful backgrounds and a cleaner user interface but also received a number of new features too. The app also has set white icons for your Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, etc. to make it easier for you to manage your smart devices located in specific sections of your house.

A new Devices tab has been added to the app with all connected smart home devices listed along with their settings. Groups now have a dedicated menu, and users no longer need to switch between multiple tabs. Alexa’s compatibility with smart devices has increased greatly, and Amazon is partnering with a large number of brands to offer a connected experience, the redesign was essential.

According to a study by Nielsen “4 out of 10 smart speaker owners have more than one device — a sizable percentage that points to consumers finding enough value in their first device to add more throughout the home. The living room is the most popular location for smart speaker placement (63 percent), followed by the bedroom (35 percent) and then the kitchen (28 percent).”

Adding new devices using the updated version of the app is a breeze as well. There is a “+” icon at the top right corner of the app which allows you to add new smart devices. The update also allows you to turn your Amazon Echo speakers to connect with each other to form an intercom system in y our home using an “Alexa drop in on” command followed by the name of the smart device you want to connect to. All of the new communication features have dedicated buttons, making them easier to access instead of relying on clunky menus.

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