Amazon India Announced ‘miniTV’ a Mobile-Only Free Streaming Service

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated September 24, 2021

Amazon India has announced a new mobile-only streaming service for the Indian audience, called ‘miniTV.’ The new video service is ad-supported, features several content and catalog limitations, and only works in India. Still, since it offers entertainment free of any charge, we cannot complain really. In fact, ‘miniTV’ even comes with some exclusives to make it more alluring and unique.

The list of shows and professionally curated content featured in miniTV includes the following:

Of course, the above is only for starters, as Amazon is planning to add a lot more in the upcoming months.

To access miniTV, you don’t need to use a separate app than Amazon’s shopping app. This is a different app from Prime Video, Amazon’s main subscription-based streaming platform. Also, although only Android is supported at the time, Amazon promised to add iOS support in the coming months, so it shouldn’t take long for miniTV to appear there too.

If you are interested in content curated for the Indian audience but live outside the country, you could try setting up a VPN on your mobile device and pick a server based in India. Potentially, you may also need to use it to create a new account on the Amazon platform that would make you appear as if you are based in India, but we haven’t confirmed that yet.

The huge Indian market has been under a bombardment of special offers from various streaming giants in the recent past, as grabbing a piece of the pie there means securing amazing revenue potential. Last July, Netflix launched a very lucrative mobile-only plan exclusively for the Indian market, and in November, it held a weekend “StreamFest,” allowing anyone in the country to “test drive” the platform for free. Airtel also operates a low-cost mobile-only streaming service there, and so does e-commerce giant Flipkart.

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