Amazon is Halting Sales of Its Dash Buttons Globally

By Nitish Singh / March 1, 2019

Amazon’s Dash buttons offered shoppers a unique way to get common household products at the press of a button. Launched in 2015, these little gadgets could be used to reorder anything from detergent to dog food. With a price tag of $5 that was refunded on a customer’s first purchase, they turned out to be highly intuitive devices. Amazon will not be phasing out existing Dash buttons, and you can continue to use them for placing orders.

According to Amazon, the Dash had to be phased out because of its own success. The e-commerce giant wanted to create a “connected” home, and it has been successful in doing so over the years with Alexa. Amazon has seen its smart assistant make waves in the world of tech and it can order groceries for you and do so much more. Users can also use Alexa Skills to create blueprints for re-ordering products using simple voice commands.

The e-commerce giant has also implemented the “Dash Replenishment Service” in a number of products including washing machines and refrigerators. The DRS service allows users to order anything they need from Amazon with the press of a button.

Amazon vice president Daniel Rausch believes that the Dash buttons have been a success and paved the way for more smart products in modern-day homes. Dash devices not only helped users to re-order products, but it also helped a large number of brands generate customer loyalty. There are hundreds of variants of Dash buttons that are in the homes of users all around the world, and it remains to be seen how long it takes for their popularity to go down to zero following the discontinuation.

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