Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Makes Parenthood Easier

By Goran Spasojevic / April 25, 2018

Amazon is bringing their new product, a version of Amazon Echo Dot, created just for kids. Echo Dot Kids Edition is placed in a durable case, able to sustain heavy blows that come in different colors. The inside of the new device is the same as with the regular Echo Dot device, except it has features suited for kids in a range of 5 to 12 years old. It costs $80 and is available for pre-order as of today. The new product will start shipping on May 9.

What makes this new device different is that it comes equipped with parental control features. These features are part of a plan called "FreeTime" which lets parents set time limits for their children in which they can use Echo Dot. Other than the time frame, this new feature also filters out explicit songs and content that is not suited for kids.

Parents are also able to add kid-friendly and other educational content to the device. During the period when FreeTime is active, Echo Dot will respond to kids in a less mature vocabulary and speak in a kid-friendly way. At the same time, the device will listen to the words like "please" and encourage kids to ask nicely for something. Also, since it is meant for kids, it will be able to recognize words like "Owexa" in situations when a specific kid is having trouble saying the letter "L".

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition products

Image Courtesy Of The Verge

Amazon's newest product will be covered by a two-year guarantee which means that if your kid breaks it, you can still send them the device for a replacement. The mentioned FreeTime feature will be free for the first year, but after that, you will be able to buy an unlimited plan for $3 per month. This price is set for Prime members.

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