An Advanced Data-Stealing Malware Can Be Acquired With as Little as $50

By Bill Toulas / April 28, 2020

A report from CyberNews tries to shed light on the malware market, which is more accessible than it ever was. Some tools are distributed for free, others cost a few hundred dollars, and many that happen to be very capable cost a mere $50. The best part for cybercriminals is that they don’t have to possess any technical knowledge to use these tools, as authors are making them easy to use, with contemporary UIs, clickable buttons that run commands under the hood, etc. All that is needed is a wallet with Bitcoin, and nothing more.

ransomware builder

Source: Cyber News

Here’s is the price list:

warzone rat

Source: Cyber News

In all of the above, tech support is included in the price, so the buyers can comfortably get to grips with the new tools they purchase. No previous experience is required, as the malware authors are offering detailed tutorials, making it comfortable to follow the instructions step by step. Even if one searches on YouTube, you may find a galore of video tutorials that will help anyone build malicious tools step by step.


Source: YouTube

Another thing that CyberNews researchers found out during their investigation is that the scene isn’t as underground as it used to be. Sure, there are still invite-only message boards that can only be accessed via the TOR network and aim to serve serious actors. But, on the other side of the spectrum, there’s a new and thriving ecosystem of “Craigslist-styled” marketplaces that are open and accessible to anyone interested. That said, the bar has been lowered to unprecedented levels, and while not all of these marketplaces are trustworthy or reliable, many deliver on their promises.

diamond fox bot

Source: Cyber News

This is not a story to urge you to join cybercrime activities by highlighting how easy and inexpensive this is, but one that is meant to raise awareness around the existing dangers. The easier it gets for people to access malware tools, the higher the risks are for the rest. Thus, you should always be careful, use an AV and internet security suite from a reputable vendor, update your OS and software tools, take regular backups, and avoid downloading anything from obscure software sources.

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