ACE Takes Down Flixanity, a Highly Popular Pirate Streaming Site

By Bill Toulas / August 30, 2021

It appears that the end of the road for the pirate streaming platform that goes by the name ‘Flixanity’ has come, as the site that launched back in 2015 has now thrown the white towel, a direct result of ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) identifying its operators. The anti-piracy coalition has conducted a successful investigation on the site, figured out who is hiding behind it, and then contacted them directly to ask for the irreversible termination of the illegal services and to hand over ownership of all domains.

The platform was offering free 1080p streams of TV series episodes and movies - and thanks to a multi-platform app, it supported relatively unproblematic streaming on a wide array of devices and platforms. Over the past couple of years, Flixanity grew to new proportions and actually had 29 active domains connected to the service, all of which have been transferred to ACE now and redirected to the organization's ‘Watch Legally’ webpage.

Identifying the operators of pirate services is the best way to ensure that they are going down for sure and that these people won’t dare to hop on a new set of domains and restart their pirate business under a new brand name. ACE did the same thing a few days ago against ‘MyTVBoss’ and ‘EZTV Streaming’, and our guess is they’ll continue to follow this approach versus the less effective DMCAs and injunction orders.

Of course, there are always clones popping up following take-downs of this kind, looking to exploit the vacuum that is created and quickly absorb the orphaned userbase of defunct sites. In most cases, these sites are hastily set up for scamming, so they’ll just take in payments of people who think they’re buying themselves subscriptions to a streaming service. In one case that we explored, the website simply redirects to affiliated marketing links no matter what the visitor attempts to watch, so the website is just bait for generating ad revenue.

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