ACE Shuts Down ‘MyTVBoss’ and ‘EZTV Streaming’ Pirate IPTV Services

Written by Bill Toulas
Published on August 26, 2021

The Alliance for Creativity (ACE) has announced the shut down of two pirate IPTV subscription services that were based in the United States and are popular in the country, ‘MyTVBoss’ and ‘EZTV Streaming.’ The two websites offered access to 7,000 and 3,400 live channels, respectively, and they are both redirecting to ACE’s “Watch Legally” webpage now as their domain ownership has been transferred to the powerful copyright protection organization.

This development came after the operators of the two illegal platforms were identified by ACE’s investigators, a foolproof way to convince someone to stop piracy. ACE contacted both owners directly after locating one in Arkansas and the other in Alabama. Whether or not these persons will now be prosecuted for copyright infringement and tax evasion offenses hasn’t been clarified, but this is outside the scope of ACE anyway.

The EZTV name is very well-known and widely used in the pirate space, and although ACE tool down the ‘Streaming’ platform, the torrent indexing site and the TV series website both remain online and operational at the time of writing this. Obviously, these two are owned and operated by a different entity, even though they all use the same name.

In the meantime, following the news about BREIN, the Dutch anti-piracy organization, taking down the ‘NZBXS.com’ Usenet indexer, another very popular illegal Usenet files indexing site has decided to voluntarily go offline. The platform is ‘Newzbin.org’, a site that counted over 150,000 registered members. Its anonymous operators declared that they were intimidated by BREIN’s enforcement activities and don’t see a reason to continue taking the risk. As they announced:

It has been a very difficult decision for us, but with the current status of Usenet and the offer, we are forced to stop. We're noticing that things are getting quieter and more and more uploaders are getting their money's worth with the increasing risks of getting caught.

Although BREIN is satisfied with the development, the organization has made it clear that shutting down voluntarily doesn’t mean these people have escaped legal trouble or that they will be forgotten. BREIN will continue putting in the investigative effort to unmask the operators of Newzbin.org and any other pirate site that has disappeared in a blink.

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