8 Demon Slayer Deaths That Made Us Cry!

By Khushi Jain / April 26, 2022

Death and blood are usually a pretty common appearance in shounen anime like Demon Slayer. It could be a villain dying, but most anime tend to make us warm up to various characters. AND WE ALWAYS END UP BAWLING WHEN THEY DIE.

It's almost unfair that we are not allowed to hate a character fully. But then again, that's the beauty of it; how much ever frustrating it may be.

After careful consideration, we have come up with a list of the saddest deaths in the KNY anime universe (meaning, deaths from the manga that are not in the anime yet are excluded).

We hope you felt the same emotions we felt whenever the death of a character tugged at our hearts. Please keep reading and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


The Demon Slayer deaths are not ranked and are arranged in no particular order. We didn't want to invalidate any death by ranking it any less sad than the other. Thank you for understanding.

8. Daki & Gyutaro

Gyutaro And Daki Die In Demon Slayer Season Two
Daki & Gyutaro

Here come the demon siblings. They caused a huge pain when our demon slayer boys and the Sound Hashira Uzui Tengen fought against them in the Entertainment District Arc. The havoc that the demons caused ended up setting the entire district on fire. 

In the end, the demon slayer team came out on top. But it was after the real fight our weeks' worth of hate against the demons toned down. You guessed right, another tragic back story. And this time, it was truly tragic to see how the demons came to be where they were. And in the end, they only had themselves who truly cared for them.

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7. Rengoku Kyojuro

Kyojuro Rengoku From Demon Slayer
Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro's death was the one that shook us to the point of tears of anguish. He died an honorable death while fighting Akaza, a demon from the Upper Kizuki ranks. He also kept his oath of protecting the people, as it was established that all the casualties were successfully avoided, except for the ticket master.

He delivered his last words to Tanjiro and told him to "set his heart ablaze," which made our hearts burn. His death was completely tragic and unpredictable, but it played a major role in how the Tanjiro and team would proceed forward from there on out. 

Believe us when we say that we cried (the tears of blood. Any Wuxia fans here?) our eyes out when the scene of Kyojuro's death played out.

6. Enmu

Enmu- Demon Slayer

Some might disagree, but Enmu's death was kind of sad too. Yeah, he did a lot of atrocious acts when he was a demon. He genuinely enjoyed torturing and killing humans (which probably came as an added trait of being a demon). But he was desperate for survival and to please his superior (Muzan) so that he could live. 

In the moments before he is killed by Tanjiro and Inosuke, he appears to be panicking. His trauma from when he was a human flashes in his mind, and he is overcome with grief. It's pretty sad to watch, but a demon had to be put in his place.

5. Rui - The Spider Demon

Rui-The Spider Demon
Rui-The Spider Demon

We have to admit that Rui was really awful for how he treated his play-pretend family. Every member of his family was afraid of him, and there was no love among them. 

He is moved when he sees Nezuko jump in to save Tanjiro from a fatal attack. So much so that he demanded that Tanjiro hands his sister over to him. All these acts were harsh, and we only saw him as a villain initially.

Later we realized that all he wanted was for a family to embrace him, protect him and look after him. It's sad to see all these desires of their human hearts become the source of their power and wrath as they become a demon. 

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4. Mother Demon From The Spider Family

 Mother Spider Demon
Mother Spider Demon

The spider family was essentially independent demons brought together by the Lower Kizuki demon Rui. He always treated the "Mother" demon from the play-pretend family harshly. She tried her best to please her pathetic son of a demon, but it only earned her his wrath.

In the end, when she was fighting against Tanjiro, she jumped in front of his attack so that she could finally escape from her prison of a life. She found peace, but we wished that it wasn't in the circumstances it had happened in.

After all, when a mother starts fearing her son every time he breathes, we must know that the son has failed her. 

3. Kyogai - The Drum Demon

Kyogai—The Drum Demon
Kyogai-The Drum Demon

All he wanted was for people to listen and appreciate his poetry. Unfortunately, Kyogai never fulfilled his dream. He was even kicked out of the Kizuki demon ranks because he had reached his capacity of consuming any more humans, meaning that he wouldn't be able to grow any stronger.

Muzan didn't appreciate that, and he was immediately fired from the Kizuki demon ranks. He remained in the Tsuzumi mansion to win favor with Muzan again. Sadly, that never happened either, as he perished in his battle against Tanjiro. 

At least he found his peace before he died. We appreciate all the backstories of these ferocious demons that make us see the bigger picture and understand where they are coming from. Of course, that doesn't justify their acts of killing people.

2. Hand Demon

Hand Demon - Demon Slayer
Hand Demon

We all hated him for what he did to all the kids who trained under Master Urokudaki. But Demon Slayer has a way of making us 'not-hate' many antagonist characters by giving them a heart-touching back story. 

And they did the same with the Hand Demon too. His back story tugged at our hearts, even if only a little bit. The moment he takes Tanjiro's hand just seconds before disappearing forever will always be a touching memory of this demon. 

Of course, we still haven't forgotten all the kids he killed. But it was still sad to hear his story in a way.

1. Kamado Family

Events From Episode 1 of Demon Slayer
Events From Episode 1

Tanjiro's life got struck with tragedy when he returned home from work one day and found all of his family members murdered. He was shocked to see all the blood at the scene. The poor boy didn't even have time to mourn his family when he found that his sister Nezuko had survived. 

He rushed with her on his back to take her to the nearest hospital so that her life could be saved. That is when Tanjiro finds out that Nezuko has turned into a demon as she attacks him. 

The fiasco is pretty sad to witness as Tanjiro's entire world is turned upside down in a single night he was away. The death of his family and the conversion of his sister into a demon are one of the biggest factors that motivate Tanjiro to continue being a demon slayer.

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The series of tragic deaths is a never-ending saga on a shounen-fantasy anime like Demon Slayer. We are sure that many more are yet to come. But until then, we hope that you will be able to come to terms with each of the tragedies and accept them. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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