Internet – How to Use This IP to Access Your Home Router

By Novak Bozovic / April 18, 2021

The majority of Web users think of accessing a router as a complicated task. However, this should be one of those things that you have to know, no matter your technical knowledge level. With that said, knowing more about the '' IP address will open up a lot of possibilities - so, let's dive right in!

'' Is an IP Address - But What Does That Exactly Mean?

When talking about ',' we are talking about a router IP address. In different words, some routers come with this IP set by default. That means the only way to access your router (to change your Wi-Fi name and password, for example) is via this IP.

However, we have different types of public and private IPs, so it’s crucial to learn to differentiate them. So, make sure to keep on reading.

Private & Public IP Addresses - What's the Difference?

When searching online for the '' IP, you'll see that many individuals search for this same IP. How is that possible, and is it secure to share your IP with millions of others? Can you make a mistake and access someone else’s router? Let’s answer these questions.

As its name implies, your public IP address is the address of your device on the Web. Let’s say that you connect to the Web using your computer and smartphone. Both of these devices will receive a public IP from your router every time you connect to the Internet. As such, these need to be unique, and they're changed often.

However, your Web-connected devices (such as your computer, tablet, or smartphone) first need to connect to a router (which then connects them to the Internet). Therefore, a certain type of communication needs to happen between those devices - and that's where private IP addresses come into play. And as such, '' is a private IP.

When talking about private IP addresses, we also talk about closed networks. That's why in order to access the '' IP, you need to be connected to your home router. In other words, there's no chance of you accessing someone else's router (and vice versa).

Where You Assigned the '' IP Automatically?

The chances are that your router has been automatically assigned to use the '' IP as its default IP. As you can imagine, you can change IPs manually as well. However, there’s really no use for that in your home setup.

It should also be noted that router manufacturers have decided to use certain IPs by default. This helps them differentiate their products and make them more suitable for different uses.

Should You Use '' or '192.168.I.5'?

There are numerous misconceptions about IP addresses. The fact is that this can be a very complicated topic once you dive a bit deeper. However, things are very simple when it comes to home networks and your role as a consumer. With that said, we are going to clear one of the most common misconceptions.

When it comes to IP addresses, they are a series of numbers. That means the 192.168.I.5 IP (the one that has the letter 'I' instead of '1') is an incorrectly written IP. You can keep trying to access your router, but you’ll never get to see its login page. So, make sure that you’re using the correct IP format, which is -

How to Login to the '' IP?

Next, we’ll talk about using the '' IP to access your router. As you are about to see, this is a very simple process, as explained just below.

Router Brand Default Username / Password Combination
ASUS admin – admin
(blank) – admin
Billion (blank) – (blank)
admin - admin
D-Link (blank) – admin
(blank) – private
(blank) – public
admin – (blank)
admin – admin
Linksys (blank) – admin
admin – (blank)
admin – admin
Administrator – admin
comcast - 1234
NETGEAR (blank) – 1234
(blank) – private
admin – (blank)
admin – 1234
admin – admin
TP-Link admin – admin
admin – ttnet
root – admin
TRENDnet admin – (blank)
admin – admin
WESTELL admin – (blank)
admin – password
admin – sysadmin
ZOOM admin - zoomadsl

In case you can’t find the right combination, take a closer look at your router. You will see a sticker on one of its sides indicating the exact model and manufacturer. Then, use a Google search to find the correct credentials.

Can’t Connect to ''? Here’s What You Can Try!

If you have the correct IP and your router’s default username and password, it should be easy to access your router. However, some problems may occur along the way. In those cases, you'll want to try the following.

Do You Have the Correct IP of Your Router? Here’s How to Check!

Finally, are you 100% sure that you have the correct IP? It takes only a few seconds of your time to check your router’s IP. We have provided guides on finding router IP for Windows users, as well as for those who use macOS. Furthermore, mobile platforms can also help with this. Here’s how to find your router's IP on Android and iOS devices.

That would be all when it comes to the '' IP. We hope that you managed to learn something new by reading this article. In case you have any questions, make sure to post your comment below. And lastly, thank you for reading!

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