YouTube TV Will Work in Mozilla FireFox

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated September 24, 2021

With the release of Google’s over-the-top streaming service - YouTube TV, it was exclusively made available to Google’s own Chrome browser. The service was also available in limited areas as well. However, with the gradual expansion of geographical boundaries, the service was also made available on other platforms like Android, iOS, Apple TV, as well as Roku. But users who were interested in accessing it via a browser were limited to Chrome.

This held a major lock-in potential for the company which once was the champion of the ‘open’ internet and web standards. But alas, Google has quietly updated their support page, and YouTube TV is now accessible via Firefox web browser.

The support page for YouTube TV, under the ‘system requirements for computers’ section, only listed Chrome and cited, “other web browsers coming soon.” So with Firefox now supported, users are left wondering whether other browsers are going to make the list.

YouTube TV firefox

However, currently, there is no news regarding whether or not Google’s live TV service will be available on Apple’s Safari browser or Microsoft’s Edge browser. Regardless, it is a welcome change from Google which many Firefox users will love.

Many users still prefer Firefox over Chrome, and Mozilla’s browser offering has a loyal user base. It seems Google plans to tap into this demographic of users who are unwilling to try out YouTube TV simply because of the platform.

It is worth taking into note that Mozilla recently introduced Quantum, and nearly 170 million users installed the super fast browser in a span of one month. Mozilla stated that 44% of these users came from Chrome.

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