YouTube Will Now Check for Copyright Violations Prior to Publishing

By Bill Toulas / March 18, 2021

YouTube has officially confirmed the introduction of a new pre-check system that will scan video content for copyright violations. This check is going to happen before publishing the video, saving the platform from having to deal with takedown requests from rightsholders and the channel owner from facing bans. Because creators oftentimes violate copyrights by accident and without even realizing it, YouTube needs to implement a system to protect them from the consequences.

The checking takes some time to conclude, so the uploads will be delayed for a little while longer, but most users report that it’s done within a couple of minutes. Most users welcomed this feature and accepted the inevitable delay as this small check could save their videos from getting demonetized or taken down. Of course, we will have to wait and see how well the automated checker will work and whether it can catch all violation cases.

In those cases when the check finds a violation, the creator will be alerted of the fact and will be given a chance to correct the problem before the video is published. If the user wishes to take their chances, they will be able to ignore the alert. However, in this case, a strike from the rightsholders should be considered a certainty. Also, there’s an option that lets users upload their videos directly without passing them through any checks, but this may limit the visibility.

If you’re a participant of the YouTube Partner Program, the checker will also verify the content’s suitability for advertising, but this will take another couple of extra minutes, depending on the size of the video as well.

All in all, we see this as a move in the right direction, giving creators more power to identify and deal with issues before they become problems. If you want to learn more about the new system, check out this support page. For more information about Copyright matching, check out this page, and to understand the difference between Content ID and copyright claims, read this helpful guide.

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