YouTube To Release a Copyright Match Tool to Protect Content Creators

By Nitish Singh / July 13, 2018

YouTube is finally acting on complaints about re-uploaded content on the video sharing platform. Many YouTubers face the issue of their videos being re-uploaded to other channels without permission, and it is very difficult to claim ownership. Google revealed that a new Copyright Match tool will be making it into the platform in the near future.

The Copyright Match tool will use similar technology that YouTube’s Content ID uses. Whenever users upload videos, all subsequent uploads will be scanned by the platform to identify copied or similar content. Users will be notified whenever the system identifies copied content, and the platform will allow users to take a number of actions against the new uploader. If communicating with the re-uploaders does not help, Google will step in and take action against the copied content.

Product Manager for the Copyright Match Tool Fabio Magagna revealed “after you upload a video, YouTube will scan other videos uploaded to YouTube to see if any of them are the same or very similar. When there is a match, it will appear in the “matches” tab in the tool, and you can decide what to do next.”

The feature will be available to high-traffic YouTubers only for a limited period of time before being made available sitewide. Popular YouTubers are the most targeted content creators on the platform as users who rip off their videos can generate thousands of views very easily with minimal effort. With millions of YouTube channels available, it becomes very difficult to track down users who post stolen content. The new Copyright Match tool can make things easier for everyone and prevent the prevalence of ripped off videos. The Copyright Match tool and YouTube's recent investment against fake news should help maintain content quality on the platform.

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