‘Year of Colour’ App Allows You to Look Back at Your Instagram Year Through Colors

Written by Nitish Singh
Published on January 2, 2019

While most Instagram users are busy showcasing their year in review on the platform by sharing their favorite photos from last year, a new web app is allowing users to do something more creative. Dubbed ‘Year of Colour,’ the app was created by London-based venture builder Stef Lewandowski. The app essentially creates a mosaic out of all of your photos on the social media platform from last year and displays the most prominent colors in a mosaic.

Lewandowski made the web app as a hobby project, and his wife runs a company that offers Instagram marketing services. The app’s creator revealed his ides behind the app stating “Maybe there’s a way of using some AI, some machine vision and a bit of big data crunching — all those buzzwords — and apply it to something that’s quite human. How do I look on the internet if you just looked at it through the lens of the color palettes that you’re sharing? It’s the memories of what those colors mean.”

If you want to try out the app simply head to the website and link your Instagram account. The app will automatically create a review of the past year through a colored mosaic. You have the ability to change the time frame of the report and also take out any dull colors that you do not want to see. You can also adjust the number of dots that appear and organize the circles.

The service is offering a print option so you can get a printed report if you want. However, the highlight feature of the Instagram report app is how you can see the change in colors across time through a slideshow.

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