The 5 Best ‘Yahoo Answers’ Alternatives You Should Try

By Novak Bozovic / April 6, 2021

As you’ve probably heard by now, 'Yahoo Answers' is shutting down on May 4th, 2021. However, you won’t be without a place on the Web to ask any questions you have on your mind. There are numerous 'Yahoo Answers' alternatives out there, many of which provide a more favorable atmosphere overall. And yes – we'll help you find precisely those.


If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you have a 'Yahoo Answers' account. With that said, we’d like to recommend our article on how to download your 'Yahoo Answers' data – if you’d like to save your submissions on the website. 

Let’s not keeping you waiting any more. We're ready to present you with the 5 best 'Yahoo Answers' alternatives. Take a look just below.

1. Reddit – Best Censorship-Free Q&A Website

Reddit Home Page Interface
Registration Required YES – for posting / NO – for viewing.
Credibility (Verification) Based on upvotes.
Price Free / Premium subscription available.
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We are sure that many of you need no introduction to Reddit. This is the world's most popular Q&A website that offers just a bit of everything. What's interesting is that "Redditors" use this website for all kinds of purposes – from checking the latest news, seeing what's trending on the Web, up to asking questions and providing answers.

Reddit comes organized into "subreddits" that revolve around particular topics, and some of those can be pretty niche. We should also warn you that even though Reddit has moderators who control what can be posted, you'll encounter numerous NSFW threads. Trust us – you could spend hours on this website, reaching some very strange corridors of the Internet.

2. Quora – Best "Traditional" Q&A Website

Quora Sign Up Page
Registration Required YES – for posting / NO – for viewing.
Credibility (Verification) Based on a person’s expertise.
Price Free of charge.
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You've probably stumbled upon Quora a couple of times already. This is among the world's most popular Q&A websites, making it a truly worthwhile 'Yahoo Answers' alternative. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that keeps questions and answers together, so you can read them easier. That also makes it easier to check the most helpful answers first. 

Even though Quora has many things going for it, it doesn't come bulletproof, so to say. Anyone can answer questions on this website, even though a person's expertise is always highlighted. With that said, Quora does an excellent job of highlighting more prominent (and helpful) users first. Of course, just like with any other Q&A website, you'll find some questionable content on occasion.

3. – Best for Niche Interests

Answers com Home Page Design
Registration Required YES – for posting / NO – for viewing.
Credibility (Verification) Based on confidence votes.
Price Free of charge.

As you can already see, the majority of Q&A websites work the same way. After all, they're designed to offer questions and answers without too many distractions. follows that same pattern, with its own twist, of course. And with that said, this is yet another 'Yahoo Answers' alternative worth your time. 

Upon launching, you will get to search for an answer immediately. You can also dive into individual categories such as science, math, technology, history, law, business, and similar. Anyone can answer questions, but you'll see "confidence votes" displayed, indicating if a person is trustworthy. That means you can easily separate helpful answers from those using to promote their service or similar.

4. – Best for Younger Generations

Ask fm Home Page Design
Registration Required YES – for posting and viewing.
Credibility (Verification) Based on "likes."
Price Free of charge.

Who says that all 'Yahoo Answers' alternatives look alike? To show you that the Web offers a diverse set of Q&A repositories, we recommend checking This isn’t a traditional Q&A website but instead a social network based on asking and answering questions. You can participate publicly or anonymously, which adds a fun twist.

Even though has been expanding its list of features lately, its main concept is still the same. This website connects you with your friends on various social media networks, where you can use text, images, videos, and GIFs to ask questions. With that said, it’s clear that is designed for younger generations looking for a fun outlet and not for serious Q&A sessions.

5. Just Answer – Best Premium-Priced Option

JustAnswer Web Portal Homepage
Registration Required YES (subscription service).
Credibility (Verification) Carefully selected professionals.
Price $29.00 per month. 
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Finally, we have a unique alternative to 'Yahoo Answers.' As you can see, all of the websites above provide access to plenty of knowledge – related to just about anything out there. On top of that, all of those have their own systems designed to highlight more experienced individuals providing valuable answers. Still, you can never know if a true expert is addressing your concerns. 

That is precisely where Just Answer comes into play. This is a subscription-based Q&A website where true experts answer your questions. This website has an incredible database of lawyers, doctors, vets, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, tax accounts, and more. So, feel free to explain your question (or your situation) in-depth, and you can be sure that you’ll get the best possible response, one-on-one.

Those would be the five best alternatives to 'Yahoo Answers'. Let us know about your pick in the comments section below – and lastly, thank you for reading!

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