Upcoming Xbox Update To Bring Dolby Vision Support

Written by Copley Sutton
Last updated September 23, 2021

In the ever ongoing quest for optimum visual and sound experiences, two prominent brands join forces. Starting July 11th, Xbox users are able to use the impressive Dolby Vision technology to get even more out of their gaming and viewing experiences. At first, it's only accessible to individuals who use the Xbox Insiders preview program. It forms part of the 1810 system update. Other upgrades include linguistic changes and dashboard avatars.

If you're unsure why Dolby Vision is such big news, imagine HDR (High Dynamic Range), usually meant for 4K TVs, impacting your Xbox sessions. The technology processes additional layers of information relating to HDR images so your visual experience gets enhanced. This is thanks to improved contrast, color, and shadows. Colors also look more natural. This makes your session much more realistic. All of this means exceptional gaming but it also makes an Xbox system more appropriate as an entertainment center. Users can now enjoy Dolby Vision movies via an Xbox console without sacrificing quality.

Dolby Vision Comparison

Image Courtesy of DigitalTrends

However, there are limits to this functionality. You need the right equipment which includes a Dolby Vision compatible TV. Aside from that, only selected game titles and apps bring this kind of compatibility. At the moment, Netflix brings a huge selection of movies and TV shows that are compatible with the Dolby Vision standard.

It's not the first time these two brands take hands. Xbox users already enjoy the benefits of Dolby Atmos which creates an optimum sound experience. Who knows what else these two market leaders will think of next?

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