WPML WordPress Plugin Site Hack and Warning Spam

By Bill Toulas / January 21, 2019

This weekend, users of the WPML plugin for the WordPress platform have received emails that warned them about the safety and security risks that come with using the particular piece of software. The message was sent through a legit WPML address, while the official website of the plugin was compromised as well. WPML is used by more than half a million people, helping them add multilingual support in their website, so the people who received these warning messages are quite a lot.

The email message contained the following among others: “WPML came with a bunch of ridiculous security holes which allowed the most important two of my websites to be hacked. I’m able to write this here because of the very same WPML flaws are present on too. Make backups do not store sensitive information in the database, use only the features that you really need, or ask for your money back.”

The hack on the website includes the same message published as a blog post, and a particularly funny addition of “security holes” in the features summary, ticked on all payment plan tier boxes. While the person behind this act claims to be a fed-up dissatisfied customer that has repeatedly warned the WPML team of the vulnerabilities and got ignored, the official explanation by the WPML developers is that it’s a former employee who left a backdoor on the platform and used it for retribution for his dismissal.


Image Credits: Donnacha MacGloinn

WPML explains that the hack did not take advantage of any exploits in the plugin or the platform, but instead, it relied on the use of an old SSH password. This means that no customer payment information was compromised, but a user password reset is still the suggested practice now until the developers update their users' community with a more complete summary in the upcoming week. The four main clarification points given by the team are the following:

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