The White House Announces Initiatives Following Meeting With Private Sector Leaders

By Bill Toulas / August 26, 2021

U.S. President Joe Biden and his cybersecurity advisory committee have met with various private sector leaders to discuss ways to bolster the nation’s stance and how they can help on their part. It appears that the meeting was very productive, as the White House has released a statement to announce all the ambitious initiatives they have decided to run from now on.

The private sector participants have committed to the following:

Jake Williams, CTO at BreachQuest, has told us while commenting on the above:

While everything in the press release is positive from a cybersecurity perspective, I’m especially excited to see that Resilience is requiring minimum cybersecurity standards as a condition of coverage. Many organizations view cyber insurance as an alternative to implementing security controls rather than as a complement to those controls.

Amazon’s offer of free cybersecurity awareness training is a game-changer, particularly for small to mid-sized businesses. Security awareness training can have substantial impacts in preventing breaches. Amazon’s training will put a quality product within reach for organizations that wouldn’t have it otherwise, likely preventing thousands of breaches every year. If there’s one thing in the announcement that will give threat actors the biggest headache, this is it.

While it is very encouraging that Apple is focusing on ensuring supply chain security, its iOS operating system continues to be a black box for defenders. This prevents relatively easy detection of exploitation of these devices, as was observed recently with NSO. Zero-day exploits in iOS will remain an outsized threat until network defenders can gain visibility into operations on these devices.

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