WhatsApp Beta 2.18.132 Makes Group Chat Easier For Admins To Control

Written by Goran Spasojevic
Last updated July 13, 2021

WhatsApp is great for group chats, which is why many people use it today to organize their friends and coworkers. However, there has always been this major flaw regarding WhatsApp groups, and it involved admin status of the group members. Even though only admins could add or remove members of the group or promote a member into an admin, other members could affect the group's chat too. For example, each member could edit group's icon, subject, and the description. The obvious flaw in this concept is that it could cause chaos in the group or even worse, a malicious member could mess up everyone's experience.

whatsapp in hand mobile screenshot

Image Courtesy Of: PC Tech Magazine

The new WhatsApp 2.18.132, which is in the beta version currently, lets admins access a new feature within the Group settings right under the group's info page. This new feature allows them to restrict access to other members so that they can't change group's info or admins themselves. The new update clearly gives admins full control of the group.

Another new feature makes it easier for admins to grant admin status to multiple members at once. A user can do this by going to the Group settings and taping on Edit group admins which opens up a list of all the members. From there, the user needs to tap-and-hold on each member they want to select. As Android Police states, this makes the job for admins a lot easier when it comes to groups with larger members count.

Since this version is still in beta phase, users can get it if they download the version 2.18.132 from APK Mirror, or by joining the beta program in the Play Store.

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