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HBO is always a leader when it comes to content, bringing in the best of the best, so in May we’re going to see a lot of cool new content, from Deadpool 2 to The Danish Girl, from The Predator to Smallfoot, from 12 Strong to Halloween, getting added to HBO Now and HBO Go.

Plus, we can’t go on without mentioning a couple of HBO series that are ending – Game of Thrones and Veep, which you won’t want to miss, and plenty of fun movies. We’ll give you the list of movies you’ll want to watch this coming month, complete with IMDB links, so you can set up your own watchlist.

May 1

May 3

May 4

  • The Predator – action, adventure, sci-fi – theatrical premiere

May 6

  • Chernobyl – drama – series premiere
  • Signs – drama. mystery, sci-fi
  • Halwa – short, drama – APA Visionaries Short Film Competition Finalists
  • Moonwalk With Me – short, fantasy – APA Visionaries Short Film Competition Finalists
  • Zoetic – short – APA Visionaries Short Film Competition Finalists

May 7

  • Foster – HBO documentary – premiere

May 8

May 10

May 11

May 14

May 18

  • Smallfoot – animation, adventure, comedy – theatrical premiere

May 19

  • 12 Strong – action, drama, history – theatrical premiere

May 24

May 25

  • Halloween – horror, thriller – theatrical premiere

May 26

May 28

May 31

Season Finales

  • May 12Veep – comedy – series finale
  • May 19Game of Thrones – action, adventure, drama – series finale
  • May 19Barry – comedy, crime, drama – season 2
  • May 31Psi – drama – season 4

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