Web Hosting Companies Cracking Down Neo-Nazi Websites

By Bill Toulas / March 30, 2019

Following the same anti-hatred line that Facebook joined in on March 27, web hosting companies are tackling neo-Nazi online activities by shutting down their meeting grounds. Major websites like the “Atomwaffen Division”, “Radio Wehrwolf”, and “Fascist Forge” are pushing radical right-wingers and supporters of authoritarian ultra-nationalistic ideals to find shelter on Twitter. The latter is accepting their presence and social media activities, which are by no means discreet, but this is not likely to go on for much longer. The online neo-Nazi ecosystem is a powerful and influential one, similar to what the presence of ISIS has been on the net a couple of years back.

This has resulted in the nurturing of visions that are heavily underpinned by execration to opposing ethnicity and religious groups, even leading to events such as the recent Christchurch mosque massacre in New Zealand. The way this incident was conducted, promoted, and supported by certain groups has highlighted a real problem that we are all obliged to face, and governments around the globe must decisively deal with. However, web hosting companies are not exactly known for their sensitivity on matters of this type or any type whatsoever, so experts believe it is the FBI and US government who are actively pushing them to take action.

FBI has denied commenting on these rumors, and platforms like Twitter and YouTube, which still hosts several fascistic podcasts should have been more reactive to prohibitory orders if there were any. Or maybe the flagging and reporting on these large platforms are more cumbersome than we would like it to be. Whatever the case, right now, Bluehost shut down Radio Wehrwolf, a popular white nationalism podcast, Zencast did the same with similar content that was hosted on their own platform, and Hostinger International took down the Fascist Forge, a right-wing platform that featured a galore of hate-speech. Dreamhost has also joined in the take-down efforts by removing a white supremacist web forum.

Zencast has made the following statement through an anonymous representative: “Our service is a place for expression and we encourage free speech and it is fine to express unpopular points of view, but we do not tolerate hate speech. Our service is not a place for engaging in any harassing, bullying, or threatening behavior, nor is it a place to incite others to engage in these activities.”

Do you think that white supremacists should have the right to freedom of speech, or is it time we do something to stop them from fostering massive killings? Let us know where you stand in the comments section below, and don’t forget that you can do the same on our socials, on Facebook and Twitter.

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