Web-Based Apple Music Exits Beta and It Is Now Available Online

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated September 24, 2021

The web-based version of Apple Music has finally exited the beta stage of development where it stayed since September 2019, so you may now enjoy it on “” If you try to visit the beta domain, you will be redirected to the official URL, so those of you who have been following the platform during the testing phase won’t have to change your bookmark. All that is required for you to enjoy Apple Music is a pair of speakers or headphones, and an internet browser.

You may sign up or log in to the music streaming service by using your Apple ID, and you will then see the subscription plan options. If you already have a subscription, you will gain access to your library, saved playlists, favorites, personal mixes, and the usual recommendations that you have been getting from the Music app on the iOS, macOS, or Android platforms. The difference now is that everything works right from the browser, so you can finally enjoy Apple Music on Linux, Windows, Chrome OS, or any other operating system that sports a web browser.

And because we’re in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, Apple is offering a pretty extensive 3-month free trial period for new subscriptions. That said, if you’re looking for a cool music streaming experience, this is an excellent chance to get one. However, you should note that the web platform of Apple Music isn’t exactly feature-packed right now, which is understandable since it just exited beta. There are no lyrics to accompany the playback, adding songs to the playlist doesn’t work yet, there’s no “picture in picture” mode, no iCloud upload functionality, no Chromecast support, no access to podcasts, and no drag and drop capabilities. Some users also report slow performance and poor sound quality, but we didn’t notice anything like that during our testing.



Apple Music is a solid choice when it comes to music streaming platforms right now, playing in the top league together with Google Play Music, Spotify, Sound Cloud, Pandora, QQ Music, iHeartRadio, Mix Cloud, and TuneIn. It offers over 60 million songs on a 256kbps AAC bit-rate quality, so while the audio is not lossless, it’s still pretty great. The service also comes with a unique iCloud matching technology that syncs the library of the service with the local storage. You will find exclusive album releases as well - however, these have been limited lately. Already, 60 million people are using Apple Music for their enjoyment, so why not give it a go now that it’s easier to access than ever?

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