How to Watch the ‘2020 Winter X Games’ Online – Get Extreme

By Gabriela Vatu / January 24, 2020

All sports come with a certain level of risk, but the X Games take things a step further. We are going to watch the 2020 X Games online and think that you should join us in doing the very same thing.

The Winter X Games are returning in 2020 in Aspen, Colorado. We are going to see all the sports events on TV, but the whole thing actually involves a music festival experience on location, as well as loads and loads of snow.

The X Games have been taking place since 1994, and it was always meant to mix in sports with entertainment, so they have always been directed to a younger audience.

Nowadays, the Winter X Games feature numerous trials in skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile, and the Real video series. The extreme sports are hosted and broadcast by ESPN.

When and Where to Watch the Winter X Games?

This year, the 2020 X Games are being held between January 23rd and January 26th. The whole thing will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN3, so go ahead and clear out your schedule.

How Can I Live Stream the 2020 X Games?

Watching the games is something that you can do rather easily, especially with the number of live TV platforms that are here to help you out. In fact, we think that one of the best ways you can do this is with the help of the Sling TV live TV platform. This one comes with three bundles that you can choose from, but you will find ESPN channels in two of them, namely Orange, and Orange + Blue. Each of these bundles comes with some individual features, such as price and channel combination, but one of the biggest differences is the number of devices you can watch content on, with Orange subscribers only getting one stream to enjoy, and Orange + Blue subscribers getting four of them. Start your Sling TV subscription by saving money on your first month!

There are a ton of channel packs that you can add to customize your experience, as well as plenty of premium networks. Sling TV works on a wide range of devices, so you can get the right app for your needs, including for iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, and more. (Note: Sling TV is a service that only works in the United States, so if you're going to travel abroad you will need a VPN to help you enjoy the content. Click here to learn what you need to do.)

Here's how you can start your Sling TV subscription and enjoy the X Games:

Other Ways to Watch the Winter X Games

Hulu - Over on Hulu, you will also find ESPN channels even though it's only going to be the regular ESPN and ESPN2. If you're looking for more content, there are a couple of channel packs you can add beyond the main bundle, as well as several premium networks. Start your 7-day free trial! One of the cool things about subscribing to Hulu is that you also get access to the on-demand library they have.

YouTube TV - You will also find a ton of cool things to watch on YouTube TV, including ESPN channels. There is a single bundle of channels and you can add premium networks to your subscription, as there are no extra packs available. All YouTube TV subscribers can enjoy unlimited Cloud DVR storage space and the ability to watch content on up to three devices simultaneously.

How Can I Watch the X Games When Traveling Outside of the United States?

When you travel beyond the United States, you should notice that live TV platforms and streaming services you enjoy without issues back home are suddenly blocked for you. This happens because your IP address shows your location and that you are no longer in the United States. Due to licensing deals the companies have signed saying that they are not allowed to broadcast content beyond the country's borders, they just completely lock it off. You can bypass this situation rather easily by using a VPN that will change your IP address in just a few moments.

We can recommend using ExpressVPN, which is a great tool with thousands of servers all over the world and some really great privacy features to keep your data safe.

Here's how you can set up ExpressVPN so you can start watching the X Games anywhere you go:

Can I Watch the Winter X Games on the Network's Website?

This is something that you will theoretically be able to do, but the thing about ESPN live streams is that there are multiple channels and they do not stream everything online, so it's going to be a matter of whether or not they decide to share the content on their website or not. (Note: Even if they do choose to stream the content on the ESPN website, you should keep in mind that the live stream is available only in the United States so if you're going to travel abroad you will need a VPN to make things work. Click here to learn what you have to do.)

How To Watch the X Games in the UK, Canada, or Australia?

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