How to Watch ‘What Would You Do?’ Online – Live Stream Season 15

By Gabriela Vatu / July 6, 2020

In today's world, where we have so many ethical questions thrown our way in the time of a massive pandemic, it seems that many people are failing to do the right thing and find the correct answers. Well, What Would You Do? wants to see exactly what people would do in certain tricky situations. Let's watch What Would You Do? online and figure out the best platform to do this.

What Would You Do? is a show that premiered back in 2008, and John Quiñones host it. The show features actors playing out various scenes of conflict or illegal activities in public to see how people would react. The whole thing is recorded with hidden cameras.

Given the current situation of social unrest mixed in with the pandemic that has many people pondering whether they should wear a mask or not in order to protect those around them, perhaps a reminder about ethics will do everyone some good.

When and Where to Watch What Would You Do?

What Would You Do? will premiere on ABC on July 7th. You'll get to watch new episodes of the show's 15th season starting at 10 PM.

How Can I Live Stream What Would You Do?

Watching loads of content online is something we all do, day in and day out. It's the easiest way to get access to loads of content and keep up with all that's happening in the world. There are loads of live TV platforms that were created to help people watch TV over the Internet, which is a move that makes perfect sense given our consumption habits. One of our favorites is Hulu, which has a single bundle of networks to work with, but you'll easily find ABC among the channels there. Start your free trial on Hulu now!

On top of the channels you get from the main bundle, you also get a couple of extra channel packs to play with, as well as several premium networks, like Showtime or HBO. Hulu also offers an extra perk in the form of allowing all Live TV subscribers to watch all content that comes with the On-Demand service. Hulu has a ton of apps you can download for your devices, including for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, and more. (Note: ABC is a channel that broadcasts in select markets only. Therefore, even when using a live TV platform, you may still not get access to it if you live in an area with no coverage. In this situation, you can use a VPN to connect to a server in a nearby city where the channel is available, so you'll get all the channels in that location. You can click here for details.)

Here's how you can start your free trial of Hulu:

Other Ways to Watch What Would You Do? Online

YouTube TV - Another service offering live TV that can help you watch ABC is YouTube TV. It features a single bundle of networks that includes some great channels, with ABC leading the list. There are no channel packs to add to your subscription here, but you can get a few premium networks and services. One of the best things about YouTube TV is that all subscribers get awesome perks, such as the ability to watch content on three devices simultaneously and record everything they want to the cloud, as the Cloud DVR feature is limitless.

How Can I Watch What Would You Do? When Traveling Outside of the United States?

Whether you are planning on traveling outside of the United States soon or you are already outside the country, you should know that live TV platforms and streaming services are geo-blocked. All these services you are accustomed to will detect your IP address and know you are no longer in the United States. You can solve the issue by changing your IP address with the help of a VPN. We recommend you use ExpressVPN for the job, as it's a service that has thousands of servers in all corners of the world, including dozens of them in the United States.

Here is how you can start your subscription on ExpressVPN so you can watch What Would You Do?:

Can I Watch What Would You Do? on the Network's Website?

Yes! This is something that can work for you. ABC's website features a live stream you can access. To do this, you'll need to log in to an account to prove that you're paying for a TV subscription that includes ABC. You can log in with the help of credentials from your TV provider, which can come from a live TV service or a cable company. (Note: The ABC live stream is also geo-blocked, so you'll need to use a VPN if you want to watch when you're abroad. Click here to find out what you have to do.)

Can I Watch What Would You Do? With a TV Antenna?

Watching the show with the help of a TV antenna isn't that hard to do. You'll only need to use one of these devices to enjoy dozens of local channels for free.

Before getting one of these, you should look into a site like NoCable to find out what channels are available in your specific location and whether ABC is part of the deal. Then, you have to figure out what other channels have broadcast stations nearby and how far they are from your home. This should help you decide what range you need your TV antenna to cover. You should check the devices we listed above in case any of them have the right features for your household.

Can I Binge-Watch What Would You Do?

If you have enough patience to let a few episodes build-up, you'll be able to binge-watch them all over on the ABC website. The show used to be part of Hulu's offering in the past, so we might see a return - but we have no clear date on that yet.

Can I Purchase What Would You Do?

If you want to buy the episodes of What Would You Do?, you have to wait a while. In previous years, the show was available to purchase from platforms like Google Play, iTunes, and more, but it's not currently available anymore. It might make a comeback once the new season starts airing, however.

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