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How to Watch ‘Vegas Chef Prizefight’ Online – Live Stream Season 1

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated March 4, 2020

There's a new competition over on the Food Network, and it's going to put elite chefs against each other to go through one of the toughest job interviews for the position of head chef at the Flamingo Las Vegas restaurant, on the Las Vegas Strip. We're going to watch the Vegas Chef Prizefight online, so join us to figure out how best to do this as well.

Anne Burrell will host the Vegas Chef Prizefight, and she will pull the chefs through a fast-paced contest to prove their talent, their leadership skills, and their determination to run what's going to be one of the highest-profile restaurants in the country.

Anne Burrell will be joined on set by restaurant experts Scott Conant and Eileen Moore, the latter also being the regional president of Caesars Entertainment, which is the company that owns the Flamingo Las Vegas. The restaurant itself was an investment of some 10 million dollars, which means that this is going to be quite an important job.

The competitors for the Vegas Chef Prizefight are:

When and Where to Watch Vegas Chef Prizefight?

The new show will premiere on the Food Network on March 5th, and it will run at 10 PM. The series won't have that many episodes, keeping in mind the number of competitors and that will see one go pretty soon into the show.

How Can I Live Stream Vegas Chef Prizefight?

We always like to take the quickest route and to be able to enjoy the content we like so much wherever we may be, even if you're at home, at work, or even on the bus. Nowadays, there are thankfully loads of live TV platforms that were created specifically to help us out enjoying all our favorite shows and events, regardless of where we travel to. One of the best platforms you can use to watch the Vegas Chef Prizefight is Hulu, which has a single bundle of networks to offer, one that actually includes the Food Network. Hulu is home to loads of channels, and you can find extras available in additional channel packs that you can get. Start your 7-day free trial on Hulu now!

When you subscribe to Hulu live TV service, you also get to enjoy a really cool thing, which is the on-demand library that Hulu has been building for many years now. There are Hulu apps for most of the devices you have at home, including iOS and Android phones and tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and more. (Note: Hulu only works in the United States, so if you're going to travel anywhere abroad, you will need a VPN to access the content. You can click here to find out more details about how you can solve the problem.)

Here is how you can start your 7-day free trial of Hulu now:

Other Ways to Watch Vegas Chef Prizefight

fuboTV - Another service you can get to watch the Food Network and the Vegas Chef Prizefight is fuboTV, which has a single bundle of networks. You can also add a bunch of channel packs to your subscription, as well as various premium networks you may like. Start your 7-day free trial on fuboTV now! It's also cool to point out that he has a substantial collection of sports networks, so if you're a fan of those as well, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the offering.

Philo - You will also find the Food Network on Philo, which is a cool, single bundled service that is super simplistic. What we mean by that is that there's only the main bundle here and nothing else, meaning no extra channel packs, no premium networks, and no add-ons to modify your subscription in any way. Start your 7-day free trial on Philo now! It's also worth noting that Philo has a rather low price, so that's going to be a great advantage for subscribers too.

Sling TV - We also have Sling TV on the list, and this is a pretty cool platform that is highly customizable. Basically, there are three bundles available, and the Food Network is present in all of them. There are some differences between the bundles going deeper than the price and the channel combination each of these has. More specifically, Orange subscribers can only watch content on one device at a time, while Blue subscribers can watch on up to three devices at the same time. Orange + Blue subscribers have it the best, as they can watch content on up to four devices simultaneously, which means your entire family can enjoy the service any time they want to. Start your Sling TV subscription by saving money for the first month! There are also a lot of channel packs that you can add to your subscription, as well as loads of premium networks you may want to try out.

How Can I Watch Vegas Chef Prizefight When Traveling Outside of the United States?

When you travel the world, there are some limitations to the things you can watch because across the United States, you can enjoy countless live TV platforms and streaming services, but when you cross the borders, your options are more limited. This happens because these companies have to respect the licensing deals they agreed to in the contract, which often means they cannot stream content beyond the borders of the United States. This can be quite annoying, especially when you simply want to catch up with your favorite shows, but it's something that happens all the time, and there's nothing the platform themselves can do to help you.

Thankfully, you can help yourself by changing your IP address, so you appear to be in the United States rather than wherever you are traveling to. If you don't know which VPN to use, we can recommend ExpressVPN, which is a really useful tool that has thousands of servers all over the world, including dozens of them in the United States.

Here's how you can use ExpressVPN to watch Vegas Chef Prizefight:

Can I Watch the Vegas Chef Prizefight on the Network's Website?

This is something that you can do, considering the fact there is a live stream available on their website. In order to gain access to this live stream, you will need to log in to an account by using credentials from your TV provider. The TV provider can be a live TV service or a cable company, depending on which one you have. (Note: The Food Network website is geo-blocked, so if you want to access it when your travel anywhere outside of the United States, you should keep in mind that you will need a VPN. You can click here to find out all the details on what you have to do.)

Can I Binge-watch Vegas Chef Prizefight?

Watching the Vegas Chef Prizefight online is something you can do easily because you will find the episodes available on the Food Network website once the episodes start airing. You may also find the episodes on Hulu, but we do not know exactly when that's going to happen, so keep an eye on that. In this way, you'll be able to stream the episodes whenever you feel like it, so you don't depend on the live stream.

Can I Purchase Episodes From Vegas Chef Prizefight

This is also something that you will be able to do because the episodes will be available to buy from platforms like Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Amazon Prime, and Vudu. You should make sure to check all the platforms because they may have deals available to you, depending on when you're making the purchase and the episodes you're trying to buy. Also, remember that buying in bulk, namely the full season, is cheaper.

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